In this Blog we show part of  sites that we consider of great interest for Management Professionals. In the beginning the first issue is “SOURCE:” where we add a link to the author of the following text.

We want to let it very clear, that when in the Post is “SOURCE:”, this means we are not the Author of the text, and the link directs to the Author, which owns the copyright.

If the Author do not allow us to publish the page or part of the page, please email us, and we will remove it ASAP from our Blog.

Algumas das imagens presentes no blog são retiradas da Web. Na impossibilidade de as creditar corretamente agradeço que, caso alguns dos autores não autorize a sua publicação, entre em contato, para que as mesmas sejam retiradas de imediato.

Some of the images in this blog are from the WEB. As it is impossible to refer to the owner in the right way, if the author do not authorize them in this blog, please inform and the images or the total Post will be removed immediatly.

This is information for anyone that wishes to challenge our “fair use” of copyrighted material. If you are a legal copyright holder or a designated agent for such and you believe that content residing on or accessible through our website infringes a copyright and falls outside the boundaries of “Fair Use”, please send a notice of infringement by contacting us. We will respond and take necessary action immediately. If notice is given of an alleged copyright violation we will act expeditiously to remove or disable access to the material(s) in question. All 3rd party material posted on this website is copyright the respective owners / authors. We makes no claim of copyright on such material. If anything on this blog you feel has violated your copyright(s) in any way please email us and it will be swiftly resolved within 24 hours. Email:







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