Mr Costa exhibited outstanding leadership, problem solving, analytical and profit-building skills and led teams of resources in the successful execution of large projects.

His work is mostly focused on rapidly analysing opportunities to drive enhanced profitability and mobilising, energising and driving programmes to deliver results. Typically this involves dramatically reducing operating costs by changes to operating models, organisational design, working practices and sourcing. Often it also includes revenue enhancement by cost decreasing.

He has Work experience in Germany, Austria, France, Denmark and Morocco

Mr Costa advises the senior management of companies that are experiencing significant operational and financial challenges. In this capacity, he works with companies that are looking to streamline workflows to eliminate waste and add value. He is an expert in operational strategy and effectiveness and delivers creative, sensible solutions that generate long-term value to both the stakeholders and customers.

He has implemented solutions for companies that have resulted in improvements in multiple areas, including operating profit, quality, labor productivity, safety and organizational effectiveness. His methodologies are supported by an application of the LEAN Six Sigma principles, leadership and discipline.

He has led numerous turnarounds for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants. He gains a deep understanding of the root cause of issues and develops sustainable solutions.

Mr. Costa engages company resources at all levels to align and focus on value added activities and eliminate non-value added steps and processes.

He brings high energy and pragmatism that delivers upon the promised transformation outcomes. He is a skilled workshop facilitator and passionate about helping leaders build lasting capability.

He led SAP implementation in Plants, Production Costs calculation process and the project and construction of a last technology Pharmaceutical Plant

Mr Costa holds a Diploma in Executive Management from Catholic University Lisbon and a Diploma in Chemical Engineering from Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisbon.


Please use the following email to contact us:  manosta256@gmail.com

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