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In a new paper, Juris Meija and colleagues at National Research Council Canada take a detailed look at the impact of temperature on cannabinoid degradation in dried flower . We know that temperature affects the rate of decarboxylation (for example, converting THCA into THC). To date, studies have mostly focused on high temperatures (over 100 C) over a short time – mimicking decarboxylation in an oven or when vaped.

What happens to major and minor cannabinoids when cannabis is stored in warehouses or dispensary shelves for weeks, months, or even years? Previous studies of decarboxylation at room temperature used now-outdated methods or looked at only one cannabinoid. In this study, the team used a homogenous cannabis reference standard and a liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) method to measure (often tiny) changes in samples stored for up to a year, at temperatures from -20 to 40◦C.

The results allowed the researchers to develop a cannabis stability calculator (free), where you can input different starting values, temperatures, and durations to see how the concentration of cannabinoids will change over time.


Easy to use:

  1. Select Cannabinoid you want to use
  2.  Set:  Initial values of  THCA, THC, CBNA,CBN
  3. Select Temperature
  4.  Select duration
  5. Press Calculate

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