Cannabis Market – Where to sale your Cannabis products? – Part 1

Manostaxx with GueStPharm collect and analyze data about Cannabis Markets.

Therer will be several parts showing the  estimates for the revenue of Cannabis products in several markets.

The legal cannabis industry is comprised of the production and sale of the cannabis plant and products derived from it. Many companies in this sector began in supplying the medical market when that was all that existed. The legal markets in Uruguay, Canada, Thailand and the United States have led to new companies as well as expansion of previously medical only suppliers. Some of the hottest growing product segments are vaping products, edible and beverage products, and CBD (a cannabis-derived, non-psychoactive chemical with reputed health and wellness benefits).

During the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, sales of cannabis products in the United States saw a large boost as consumers prepared for coming lockdowns. This demand has not been sustained and the industry in both the U.S. and Canada is facing serious headwinds due to oversupply. As a result of oversupply, prices for wholesale cannabis have plummeted and consolidation is likely as producers struggle to survive.

European Union markets are shown bellow:

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