GueStPharm is a new Company in the CDMO world

GueStPharm is a new Company in the Pharmaceutical Industry world. Many already know the Company.

We have a combined experience of more than 60 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  In every of these years, we manufactured several new products, from technology transfer and new developed products.

Our contact with the Pharmaceutical Industry allow us to correctly know the associated manufacturing capacities and available capacities for contract manufacturing.

GueStPharm is able to offer contract manufacturing for the following pharmaceutical forms:

For normal pharmaceutical products and Narcotics:

– Oral solid forms (tablets, coated tablets, sugar coated tablets, Hard capsules, Soft gel capsules, powder) packed in blister (all materials) , bottles, sachets

– Liquid and semi-solid forms – in bottles, plastic tubes, aluminum tubes

For EU GMP Pharmaceutical Cannabis products:

Liquid forms in bottles, cartridge, syringe, soft gel capsules

For High Potency products and Cytotoxic:

– Oral forms (tablets, coated tablets) in blister or bottles


All these manufactured in a EU GMP facility and some already with FDA approval.


If your products are listed above, GueStPharm will get the best contract manufacturing service for your needs.

In case your product isn’t in the above list, please contact us, we will find the right contract manufacturing service for you,


Use our contacts:

Mobile: +351 930 579 467


Or our form at:

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