DSM PHARMA SOLUTIONS: Unlock the therapeutic potential of cannabinoid APIs


Develop next generation pharmaceuticals

The science behind cannabinoids, like cannabidiol (CBD), is growing rapidly – with research demonstrating the potential of these molecules to support a wide range of health areas that could benefit patients with conditions including CNS (central nervous system) diseases,1 pain disorders,2 cancer3 and more. This is creating a myriad of opportunities for innovation across the pharmaceutical industry and inspiring the development of bespoke drug products that will support global patient health.

Stronger together

Together, DSM and Brains Bioceutical have created an innovation platform to enable agile, early drug development and help our customers realize the full therapeutic potential of bespoke cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals. We have the core competencies, combined with a deep understanding of patient and customer needs, to help brands enter the cannabinoid market with confidence and expand treatment options for patients worldwide.

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Explore the science-based benefits behind CBD

There’s an increasing bank of evidence demonstrating the promising potential of CBD in pharmaceutical applications. Download our whitepaper to explore the latest science behind CBD APIs and discover your next opportunity in early-stage drug development.


Optimizing CBD API formulations with lipids

This whitepaper explores the challenges surrounding the oral bioavailability of CBD and the benefits of using lipid-based systems in your formulation. Unlock novel opportunities in the pharma CBD space.

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