Top cannabis formats

Since 2018, the number of medical cannabis users has tripled in the UK, more than doubled in Germany and Spain, and increased by over 50% in France and Italy.

Prohibition Partners estimates that 100,000 new patients in Europe could access medical cannabis in 2022, bringing the region’s total number of medical cannabis users to 342,000. Numbers are forecast to rise to over 500,000 users in 2023, due to more countries legalising medical cannabis and existing markets maturing.

Increased acceptance

Almost 40% of consumers in Germany say they would be open to medical cannabis, and 28% in the UK, down to 18% in Italy.

France, despite having no legal medical cannabis, had the highest preference for alternative healing methods over traditional medicine at 19%.

Source: Statista Global Consumer Survey, 2022

Top cannabis formats 

Tinctures/sprays and flower tends to be the most common prescription cannabis format across all five markets.

Source: Euromonitor International, 2022

For more on the approved production of cannabis in each market, download the Cannabis in Europe report.



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