Top 20 Most Innovative Cannabis Products of 2023

Hitoki Saber This is how you would smoke if you lived on the USS Enterprise. Laser combustion sets Hitoki apart from the competition. It’s portable, compact, and wildly futuristic.

Lighting your flower with a laser offers a clean, smooth hit and looks sleek at the same time.

While the Saber is recommended for use with the Hitoki bubbler, you can attach it to any glass rig for an otherworldly smoke session. $300

Rocket Seeds Autoflowering Tooth Decay Cannabis Seeds Switching your grow from vegetative to flowering light cycles is so old school. Step into 2023 with autoflowering seeds that, as their name suggests, do the work for you.

Rocket Seeds new Tooth Decay strain combines Sweet Tooth 1.1 F2, Blueberry, Grapefruit, and an unknown Ruderalis Fx to offer an indica-dominant hybrid with surprisingly good yields indoors or outside.

Known for its happy, creative effects and long-lasting highs, this sweet-tasting strain offers a short flowering time and up to 19% THC. 5 Seeds for $65

Melt-to-Make™ Gummy Base Create your own delicious, commercial-grade edibles in just four steps. Choose between 16 flavors of gelatin or 11 all-natural flavors of pectin, add your concentrate, pour into molds, and finish with the provided sanding sugar.

Once gummies are set, you’re ready to sell. Melt-to-Make’s all natural, professionally-formulated gummy bases are produced in a GMP-Certified, FDA-registered facility with rigorous quality-control procedures so you receive consistent product in every order. Bulk pricing available. $.02-.03 per gram.

Grön PipsWhat’s so innovative about these candy-coated, infused chocolate pieces? They taste like regular candy rather than chocolates with a weed center. These craveable little morsels are infused with 5mg THC and available in a variety of cannabinoid ratios.

The bad news? They’re only available in two states (Arizona and Oregon). If you can get your hands on them, devour them, savor them, and give some to your friends in edibles manufacturing so they can learn a thing or two. $15-20

STM Canna Cone Lander Are you ready to hire your best employee? STM’s newest addition to its line of pre-roll automation systems loads 72 pre-rolled cones in seconds.

Whether used as part of STM’s one-tray workflow or independently, the Cone Lander is reducing labor costs and increasing production.

Manufacturers can look forward to one-button operation paired with durable, easy-to-clean aluminum and steel construction. STM includes a one-year parts and labor warranty in addition to the company’s top-rated customer service. Learn more at

Laundry Day Cube Grinder — For those seeking an understated, minimalist vibe in their cannabis accessories, the Cube checks all the boxes.

Its simple construction allows it to rest in an upright or angular position. Four detachable compartments utilize magnetic closures to separate the top two grinding portions from the ground herb chamber and lower kief compartment.

A dainty aluminum scoop helps pack your pipe while you enjoy the soothing aesthetics only Laundry Day can offer. $120

We Decode DNA Kit “Better Health Through Better Data.” Predictive, customized DNA testing offers crucial information about genetic makeup, helping people improve their health and quality of life.

A privacy-protected patient portal allows users to analyze their DNA and explore custom cannabinoid formulations for their specific genetic profile.

Find the ideal terpenes and cannabinoids in minutes instead of months with personalized wellness plans and comprehensive reporting so you can confidently make the best decisions for your health. $199

Cannascape Glass Stash Jars With Fresh-Port TechnologyThese aren’t your ordinary stash jars. Cannascape’s new line of containers feature an inner Airscape lid integrated with Fresh-Port technology.

The Airscape lid is pressed down, forcing air out, while the Fresh-Port introduces inert argon or nitrogen gas to displace any remaining oxygen.

The result is perfectly protected terpenes and cannabinoids so every bud can stay as fresh as the day it was stored. Glass jars are available in either 4-inch or seven-inch sizes. $43-47

PAX PlusThis unassuming vape device does it all. Whether it’s terp-laden dry herb you’re smoking or a sticky, silky concentrate, the Plus has you covered.

Unlike the original PAX, the Plus offers four Experience Modes to customize your sesh: Stealth, Efficiency, Flavor, and Boost.

Its new 3D oven screen is easier to remove and a redesigned multi-tool and brush allow for quick, easy cleaning. Now available in four colors, the latest offering from PAX offers 2+ hours of battery life and a 10-year limited warranty. $250

Lookah Seahorse X Wax Kit — Why have a cabinet full of mismatched vape devices when one kit can do it all? Enail, dab pen, wax pen, and cart pen combine to create the Seahorse X, a sleek, futuristic looking pen that’s as versatile as it is well crafted.

If you’re a serious dab enthusiast, the Seahorse combines all the features of an electronic nectar collector with an enail and rolls them into one device with a built-in airway valve that functions as a carb cap for any of the available formats. $150

6-Strain Cannador With Nook and Drawer Store your stash safely and discreetly in Cannador’s humidity-controlled case. A mahogany interior and a walnut veneer exterior protect your smoke while six ¼ oz glass cups keep flower organized.

Each removable cup features an adjustable lid that slides open to allow moist air from the humidity system to circulate. Lock the top and the drawer to keep contents secure while VaporBeads maintain the perfect environment for preserving your buds. $289

Capsule Water PipeThe Capsule Bong might be low tech but it’s high class. A modern, clean aesthetic ensures you won’t want to hide this piece away.

Take it apart for easy cleaning and better, yet, it’s dishwasher safe so you can say goodbye to traditional cleaning methods. Shatter-proof borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum add to this elegant bong’s durability. Now available in six colors: black, gray, white, green, pink, and blue. $175

Zeus Arc GTThe Arc’s 35000 mAh battery offers 90 minutes of powerful dry-herb vapor production in a polished, pocket-sized chassis.

A gold chamber and gold vapor path set this powerful vape apart from its competitors and thanks to innovative German engineering, the device comes equipped with upgradeable firmware. Does a vape need an accelerometer?

Who knows, but the Arc comes with one. Plus, haptic feedback lets the user know when their perfect hit is ready to go. $180

RollBotz RoboKone Filler by Wakit Grinders — Mill with speed and precision thanks to the RoboKone’s bead chain design and rechargeable motor.

This precision cone filler gently mills flower to an even consistency before an internal vortex pushes the material down into the cone. This is an ideal accessory for those with dexterity problems or arthritic hands. Just press the button and enjoy a packed cone seconds later. $150

Smoke Honest Stash Case and Lighter Duo — This modest pairing is perfect for any joint lover’s arsenal. A sleek, slim lighter conceals a hollow tube perfect for a dog-walker size pre-roll — plus it’s waterproof and airtight.

The petite lighter is wind-resistant with a replaceable flint. Running out the door for an adventure or heading to your in-laws for dinner, you never know when this little beauty will come in handy. $30

Dr. Dabber XS Nano Portable Vaporizer  — The latest innovation from Dr. Dabber comes in the form of a 4-inch eRig.

Its compact design is ideal for the “on-the-go” concentrate dabber. Load up the atomizer with your preferred wax or budder and enjoy a smooth hit thanks to a splash-free water filtration system. Precise temperature settings combine with an intuitive design to ensure each puff is smoother than the last. $160

Colibri Quasar Table LighterElegance and functionality are the cornerstones of this tabletop conversation piece. Triple flames pair with fast, single-action retracting doors for a steady, consistent lighter you can rely on.

Rubber foot pads keep it firmly in place without scuffing the table or desk and its pyramid-shaped body tells the world you’re a cannasseur with style. A two-year warranty ensures users get their money’s worth from this refillable butane table torch. $177

Beed MachineThis fully automated appliance is like a Keurig for cannabis. Drop in a cone, pop in a Beed capsule full of fresh, fragrant flower, and twenty-seconds later you’re enjoying a perfectly rolled pre-roll with just the push of a button.

Now available in five colors: pink, mint, gray, red, and black, this table top device is your own personal joint roller. $199

G Pen Hyer Vaporizer Yes, it’s another eRig. But this unique device puts the “tech” into Cannabis & Tech Today. It’s a dual use, portable rig for use with dried herb or concentrates. It pairs with any glass-on-glass water piece.

Start your sesh in just a few seconds with a three-button system offering constant temperature output thanks to smart heating technology. The whole package is protected with anodized aluminum for exceptional durability. $250

Puffco Proxy Desert KitTradition meets innovation in the Proxy’s elegant, ergonomic glass vaporizer pipe. Its removable base allows users to customize their piece with compatible Puffco accessories or add flare from a third-party glass artist.

The device features four precision heated temperature settings so dabbers can hone in on the perfect level of vapor production. $299


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