Cannabis – C1D1 Clean Rooms Explosion Proof

Design meets functionality with the most versatile  flammable liquid extraction booths on the market. Our modular designs allow for easy install, certification and use. C1D1 Labs extraction booths will save you both time and money following your architects and engineering teams into what we like to call “black holes of engineering”. Purchase an ethanol extractor from C1D1 Labs in addition to our room, and also receive a free lab design! Stop wasting your time, get approved, and start making money. Here are the prices on our complete C1D1 Extraction Booths (18 Gauge Steel):

EB10910 – $40,000 plus tax
Interior Size – 10’Wx10’Lx9’H / Exterior Size – 10’3Wx10’3Lx9’8″H

EB20910 – $55,000 plus tax
Interior Size – 10’Wx20’Lx9’H / Exterior Size – 10’6Wx20’3Lx9’8″H

EXB101220 – $70,000 plus tax
Interior Size – 10’Wx20’Lx12’5″H / Exterior Size – 10’6Wx20’3Lx12’5″”H

EB111026 – $72,000 plus tax
Interior Size – 10’9″Wx25’9″Lx10″H / Exterior Size – 11’5″Wx26’5Lx10’5″H

EB151426- $75,000 plus tax
Interior Size – 15’Wx26’Lx14’H / Exterior Size – 16’Wx26’3″Lx14’8″”H

Custom size extraction booth solutions are no problem for C1D1 Labs LLC. We are proud to say that we can have your custom designs stamped and approved congruent to your custom C1D1 or C1D2 extraction booth. We are also able to build these booths with fire rated panels! Simply fill out the form below to get more information about the most reliable extraction booths in the industry.

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