Cannabis Illegal Market prices in Europe – World Drug Report 2022

Cannabis Illegal Market prices in Europe – World Drug Report 2022

Cannabis cultivation is near universal

Cannabis is illicitly produced in every region. Cannabis cultivation was reported either through direct indicators (such as cultivation or eradication of plants or eradication of production sites) or indirect indicators (seizure of plants, reports on origin of seized cannabis) by at least 154 countries in the period 2010–2020. If qualitative information on indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation trends is also considered, this number rises to more than 190 countries and territories.  That distinguishes cannabis from coca/cocaine and opium poppies/opiates, for which cultivation/production is concentrated in a much smaller number of countries and, hence, their illicit trade is most often international in the sense of crossing international borders.
Cannabis cultivation has trended upward for a decade, according to qualitative assessments, and this remained true for 2020, with most Member States again reporting increases on their territory.

Growth in indoor cannabis cultivation seems to outpace growth in outdoor cultivation

In 2019 and 2020, reported growth in indoor cannabis cultivation appears to have again outpaced growth in outdoor cultivation at the global level, with the overall net number of countries reporting increased indoor cultivation being three times the net number of countries reporting decreased outdoor cultivation. While qualitative reporting has strong limitations, the patterns that emerge from it suggest an upward trend.
The number of countries reporting indoor cannabis cultivation rose from 48 in the period 2011–2015 to 66 in the period 2016–2020. A total of 98 countries explicitly reported outdoor cannabis cultivation in the latter period.

Illegal Cannabis Hashish prices in Europe for an average percentage of purity of 0.20 % is the graph:

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