What is the Most Expensive Cannabis in the World?

People love expensive things. But what about expensive marijuana? The legal global marijuana market is set to reach USD 73.6 billion by the year 2027. This is according to a recent report published by the Grand View Research, Inc. This growth is fueled mainly by its increased legalization for both medical and adult recreational use.

As the market grows, the need for luxury brands becomes imperative. Somewhere in the market, you will find a certain class that is willing to pay top-dollar for quality and for the right to stand out.

This is why today we will tell you what the most expensive marijuana in the world is.

What Makes a Marijuana Strain Luxury?

Just like any product that is made for luxury, you would expect top-notch marijuana to have the qualities of finesse. These qualities include look, feel and utility.

Some of the lengths growers have gone into to create that stellar strain are:

  • Getting water straight off an icy mountain top and using it untreated.
  • Fine-tuning genetics to arrive at that “perfect strain”.
  • Controlling the cultivation down to carefully monitoring the nutrients.
  • Hand handling the marijuana throughout the process.
  • Using labels and packaging cardboard made of recycled material
  • Using recycled glass
  • Outlining long, detailed processes
  • Using hydroelectric power

Sounds very extravagant, right?

While taking all these steps may land you with a very premium marijuana strain, let’s look at what is currently the most expensive weed in the world.

What is the Most Expensive Marijuana in the World?

If you are looking for the most expensive food to buy, caviar might just be it. Caviar is a highly priced delicacy that often fetches very high prices and is considered to be the preserve of the affluent.

Cannabis does not seem to be lagging too far behind.

Labeled the ”champagne of cannabis,” Cannabis Caviar happens to be the most expensive weed money can buy. While gastronomic caviar is essentially expensive prime fish eggs, marijuana caviar is the concept of combining choice, potent, marijuana ingredients to come up with an award winning bomb.

Cannabis caviar is made through an intricate drawn out processes using prime cannabis products. This is what makes it expensive and puts it at the top of the class.

The process of making Cannabis Caviar kicks off with soaking high-quality marijuana buds in potent hash oil (which is basically concentrated liquid cannabis). This soaked in version of cannabis can have THC values of up to 30-80% which is much higher than normal cannabis which clocks in at 5-20%.

That’s not all.

The soaked bud is then rolled in kief, which is the dried powder made from the resin of a cannabis flower.

The resultant weed will literally transport you to the next world.

How much can you get it for?

A staggering $1,400, and this is just for one ounce. This price tag earns cannabis caviar the coveted title of most expensive weed.

What Makes Cannabis Caviar so Expensive?

Cannabis Caviar can be described as Marijuana Caviar, Caviar Gold, Caviar concentrates or simply Moon rocks.

As we have described above, Cannabis Caviar can be extremely potent with some combinations even resulting in concentrations that are on the upper side of 91% THC.

The high potency is contributed to by the use of very high quality weed strains as well as potent cannabis oil combined with quality kief. When you put all this together, you get a high that will “blow your socks off”.

Cannabis Caviar is made using many top-shelf marijuana strains but we have listed for you the most commonly used:

  • KGB strain
  • Mochi Strain
  • THC Diamonds
  • Platinum weed
  • God Bud strain
  • Grapefruit weed
  • Black Diamond cannabis
  • Glue tap strain

Where Can You Get the Most Expensive Marijuana?

You can get Caviar Cannabis in dispensaries all across North America. There are also some coffee shops abroad who have this premium weed.


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You should expect extreme effects from smoking cannabis caviar. Due to the high quality potent ingredients it uses, its potent qualities are likely to give you a high you will never forget.

Because of its potency, cannabis caviar is not for the faint hearted. If you are a newbie or have a lower tolerance you should steer clear of this brand until perhaps you slowly build your resistance.

What are the Effects of the Most Expensive Marijuana?

The Cannabis Caviar high is like none you have ever felt before. If you have ever taken something that made you lose feeling in your face, you might be close to the cannabis caviar experience.

Starting strongly in your head, this high radiates down your entire body and to the very tips of your toes. It’s a slow burn that you don’t immediately feel coming on, but that inspires you to feel like you have lost contact with the ground. This intense high will hit approximately 30 minutes after ingestion and its effects are felt for a very long time, sometimes even into the next day.

Why is Cannabis Caviar Sometimes Confused with Ecstasy?

The intense Cannabis Caviar high has inspired phrases such as “the strongest cannabis in the world” and “the best high on earth”.

These effects have led to it being mistaken for other substances.

One such substance that Cannabis Caviar has been regularly confused with is MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine). Because we cannot pronounce the long form, we will henceforth use the short form, MDMA. This substance is commonly referred to as just ecstasy or “speed”.

Just like marijuana, the effects of ecstasy are psychoactive. This is however where the similarities end. Ecstasy as a “methamphetamine” acts through the norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin receptors that are found in the brain. Marijuana on the other hand attaches to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain to bring about intoxicating effects. Ecstasy can be an addictive substance because it is a stimulant found in the amphetamine class while marijuana is not.

So the next time you want to score some moon rock, ensure that you are very specific about what exactly you want lest you end up with the wrong substance.

What is the Most Expensive Marijuana Strain?

You might be forgiven if you think that the most expensive marijuana and the most expensive strain of marijuana are the same thing.

However in this instance, the most expensive marijuana and the most expensive strain of marijuana happen to be very different.

While the Cannabis Caviar is the most expensive marijuana, it is not excacly a strain but a combination of prime ingredients.

The most expensive strain of weed is……

Loud Dream

This powerful hybrid strain is Sativa-dominant and was created through the process of backcrossing its parent strain, Blue Dream with itself. It is a strain that is the perfect choice to spark off a bout of creativity or focus. It has average THC concentrations of 26-28% and ranks among the most potent strains of the world.

Now, how much does Loud Dream cost?

If you have some $800 lying around, you could score yourself one ounce of Loud Dream. That price definitely identifies it as the world’s most expensive strain of marijuana. It has a burst of strong berry flavors that make smoking it very enjoyable.

Just to get a feel of just how high $800 is, the average for “medium to high-quality weed” is roughly $230.50 according to a sample size of 45,070. Also, on average, THC content usually hovers at around 18.7% according to NBC News. This makes the 27% of Loud Dream particularly potent.

The Mystery of the Oracle

There was a tale told of a strain called “The Oracle”(how appropriate), which raked in sales by the thousands and was sought after high and low.

A very potent Indica Strain, The Oracle has staggering THC values of up to 45%, which are balanced by its 20% CBD offering.

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As many stories go… one day, while a lab routinely ran some tests, they found it to be a duplication of a very common strain, which was priced at a fraction of this “fake luxury brand”, and could be gotten from basically any dispensary.

Retailing for $800 with a clone going for $1,000, this was definitely a very pricey strain.

How To Make the Most Expensive Marijuana at Home

As previously discussed, cannabis caviar is essentially moon rock weed, which is your favorite bud that gets covered in honey oil and topped off with a generous dusting of kief. The finished product closely resembles a Brussels Sprout, or to those with a sweet tooth, a chunk of green candy.

To make your own cannabis caviar from home, you will need:

  1. Raw, whole bud (of the finest, most potent quality you can get)
  2. Honey oil (a.k.a. hash oil)
  3. Kief
  4. Small brush/eyedropper
  5. Tweezers

Follow these steps:

  • Break a small piece of bud off the larger whole with the tweezers.
  • Coat the bud with honey oil until it is saturated using the brush or dropper.
  • Coat your oil-covered bud with kief by rolling it around.
  • Do that with the remainder of your honey oil, bud and kief.
  • Air dry the nugs thoroughly before use.

That’s it. With these very easy steps, you can sample “the most expensive marijuana in the world!


With the high turnover of the cannabis industry, it is no surprise that a niche market is emerging. It has been a pleasure introducing you to the world’s most expensive marijuana. Make sure you grab yourself some, won’t you?

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