Ph. Eur. publishes Cannabis flos draft monograph in Pharmeuropa for comment – Free Download

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The European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) is seeking feedback on its new draft monograph on Cannabis flos (3028).

The draft text covers the herbal drug defined as dried, whole or fragmented, fully developed shoot apices of female cultivars of Cannabis sativa L. It is to be read in conjunction with the general monograph Herbal drugs (1433), which includes additional requirements that are applicable unless otherwise stated in the Cannabis flos draft.

The monograph takes into account information received from a number of national authorities concerning the use of this herbal drug in their jurisdictions: it can be employed as a raw material for the production of extracts or it can be prescribed as is, to be taken by patients by inhalation or oral administration. An additional requirement has been included in the test for foreign matter if the herbal drug is intended to be prescribed to patients.

The draft monograph will remain in Pharmeuropa 34.4 for public consultation from October until the end of December 2022 and all interested parties are invited to review the draft and submit their comments. For more information on how to comment, please consult our guide.

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