List of Companies with License to Manufacture Pharmaceutical Products from Cannabis at Portugal

To date, Infarmed has received 99 applications for licensing activities for the cultivation, manufacture, import and export of cannabis for medicinal purposes, but it has only two applications to place substances based on this plant for sale in pharmacies.


As for the companies already licensed, Infarmed said that there are currently 18 in Portugal.


One year after the first substance based on the cannabis plant began to be marketed in pharmacies, the National Authority for Medicines and Health Products (Infarmed) is analyzing two applications for authorization to place on the market (ACM). “Currently, there is an authorized cannabis plant-based preparation and two applications for the placing on the market authorization (MCA) of cannabis plant-based preparations and substances are in progress, one concerning dried flower for inhalation by vaporization and another related to an oral solution”, says Infarmed.


According to the medicine authority, “both requests are awaiting responses from the requesting entities”.


Regarding licensing requests for the activities of growing, manufacturing, importing and exporting the cannabis plant, Infarmed said that it received 99 requests “for the territory”, of which nine are under analysis.

Infarmed is awaiting the request for inspection of the facilities of 80 companies by the requesting entities.

There are 10 requests in which Infarmed is awaiting a response to requests for elements from the requesting entities.



The entire production chain, from the cultivation of the plant to its preparation and distribution, is known and controlled, making it possible to guarantee that the products are produced in accordance with good practices. The use of these products depends on the medical evaluation and their dispensation can only be carried out at the pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription.


Among the indications for the use of these products are chronic pain associated with oncological diseases, epilepsy and treatment of severe convulsive disorders in childhood, multiple sclerosis, nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, appetite stimulation in palliative care of patients undergoing cancer treatment or with AIDS.

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