Legal Australian cultivated and manufactured products

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While a short list, this is the real list of Australian cannabis products. It’s great to know some locally cultivated and manufactured products exist. You’ll also note that in this group of products, there are some Certified Organic medications and some non-irradiated flower. Please make sure to review the description below the table for more information.

Important Table Notes:
^BS = broad spectrum, FS = full spectrum, NI = not irradiated, CO = coconut oil
* sometimes supplement local with overseas materials.

Legal medical cannabis oil products

Oils are the most abundant product type in Australia. While many of the oils are similar, the most significant difference in these products will be whether products are manufactured in Australia, and their terpene and cannabinoid range.

Important Table Notes:
*Product Name Notes: BS = broad spectrum, CO = certified organic, FS = full spectrum
**Oil type notes: HS = hemp seed oil, NA = not known

Legal medical cannabis flower products

Vapable flower products are increasingly being prescribed. Most medical cannabis companies don’t  specify the strain. To find out, a doctor would need to ask for the CoA or request the information from the supplier. While we’ve listed indica vs sativa to the best of our knowledge, it’s terpene and cannabinoid content that will determine how uplifting or sedating a cannabis product is.

Important Table Notes:
*Characteristics: AU = 100% Australian, CO = certified organic, NA = unknown, NI = not irradiated

“Other” medical cannabis products

The other category covers the rest of the products available on the market. These products include capsules, chewables, crystals, lozenges, sprays and wafers. These products are great for those who have unique needs (ie. get stomach aches from oils, are allergic to carriers and many other needs). However, these products are not only for unique needs and are prescribed regularly.

Important Table Notes:
*Product Name Notes: BS = broad spectrum, CO = certified organic, FS = full spectrum
^Product Type Notes: OS = organic sesame oil, SF = sunflower oil


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