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The cannabis industry in Europe has been witnessing a major growth in the last few years. The industry will continue to grow as the cannabis market in the country is predicted to reach US$137 billion (€123 billion) by 2028, according to the European Cannabis Report 4th Edition. Emerged as a multi-billion dollar industry, cannabis has taken root in sectors ranging from healthcare to pharmaceuticals and consumer goods to agriculture. As the industry has been inhibited by regulatory restrictions for most of recent history, most European countries legalized medical use of cannabis in the past few years, including Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the UK, among others.

Since various states legalize the consumption of cannabis for recreational and medical uses, bringing them to the mass market has involved numerous scientific breakthroughs. With the legal cannabis industry continues developing and the support for the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana use grows, here is the list of 10 European cannabis tech startups shaping the landscape of the cannabis industry.


Location: Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Founded: 2019

Rainbow, a cannabis tech startup in Europe, has combined ancient healing techniques with modern technology to create unique stress relief products. Recently, the company has closed a funding round of €1 million from private investors to tackle the problem of the century: stress. With the funds, Rainbow launches two wellness brands in the UK and France, Kaya and Peace & Skin. As Kaya leverages CBD to help people fight stress on a daily basis with natural formulas adapted to all situations, Peace & Skin assists in combating the effects of stress on the skin, with a relaxing and organic hemp-based and adaptogenic plant routine, available from September.

Blossom Genetics

Location: London, United Kingdom

Founded: 2019

Blossom Genetics, a global organization, produces proprietary medicinal cannabis genetics and products. The company’s mission is to advance medicinal cannabis through science and develop the best possible products for its customers. It believes cannabinoids have the power to improve lives, and wants to make it easy for patients and healthcare providers to have access to and understand how they can benefit from the use of medical cannabis.As a vertically integrated business, Blossom Genetics develops genetics and produces proprietary medicinal products used to enhance everyday health, provides preventative strategies, and addresses modern conditions.

TTS Pharma

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Founded: 2012

TTS Pharma, a UK-based biotechnology company, is a pioneer in Cannabinoid production and manufacture. Using its expertise in drug discovery, development, separation, purification and drug delivery, the company has developed and validated proprietary techniques for the extraction, separation and manufacture of Cannabinoid derived products. TTS applies pharmaceutical standards to produce the highest quality, legal Cannabinoids such as Cannabidiol (CBD) for use in food, cosmetics and nutraceuticals. The company also participates in, and sponsor, a number of early stage research projects, developing licensed pharmaceutical products through its core drug delivery platforms using Transdermal and Oral technologies.


Location: London, United Kingdom

Founded: 2018

Cannaray, a leading cannabis company stratifying medical THC and a CBD lifestyle brand, is on a mission to heal people and hopes to empower people to live better lives with its gold standard CBD. The company strives to make CBD easy to use, enjoyable and accessible, allowing people to feel more balanced, both mentally and physically, regardless of the time of day. Unlike other popular extraction methods that use CO2 and ethanol, Cannaray harnesses a non-hazardous extraction process using a blend of high pressure and low temperature to give them a uniquely chemical-free product. The company is also backed by a team of doctors and scientists, guaranteeing every oil, capsule, balm or cream it creates gets the stamp of approval from medical professionals.


Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Founded: 2017

Cansativa, a GMP and GDP certified pharmaceutical company, which committed to the goal of professionalizing the medical cannabis market, eliminating stigmatization surrounding it, and reducing prices for patients. As a one-stop shop, the company is specializing in medical cannabis and acts as a central point of contact for pharmacies. Since the very beginning, Cansativa has operated its own distribution and fulfillment center, and as one of the “first movers” in the industry, it has become one of the largest importers and distributors of medical cannabis in Germany.


Location: Berlin, Germany

Founded: 2017

Demecan is the only German company that covers all manufacturing steps for medical cannabis, from cultivation, processing and storage until delivery to pharmacies across Germany. The company’s mission is to ensure a reliable and continuous supply of medical cannabis of the highest pharmaceutical quality to patients in Germany. In May 2019, Demecan received the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) contract to grow and process medical cannabis. The company will start supplying medical cannabis for German patients by the end of 2020 and its pharmaceutical wholesale imports medical cannabis products to Germany.

Sanity Group

Location: Berlin, Germany

Founded: 2018

Sanity Group is a cannabis company dedicated to the medical and health use of cannabinoids. The group’s purpose is to develop innovative cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and wellbeing products, as well as make them widely accessible. To utilize the full potential of its health benefits, Sanity Group is investing in fundamental research of the cannabis plant and its active ingredients as well as in specific areas of application. Equipped with this knowledge, the company educates healthcare professionals, patients and consumers and supports them to live a healthier life.


Location: Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Founded: 2016

Cannamedical Pharma, an independent medical cannabis wholesaler, which imports high quality medical cannabis products and sell them to pharmacies and clinical institutions. The company’s focus is to ensure the medical care of patients, education within the professional network and satisfaction of its customers. It is committed to improve patients’ quality of life. The products Cannamedical sells consist of the dried blossom of the hemp plant as well as its CBD Formulation-Kit for the production of an oily cannabidiol solution. The company provides the Cannamedical® patient ID card that enables patients to prove that they have got a valid prescription for medical cannabis and are entitled to take it with them when they leave the house.


Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Founded: 2018

Farmako is a research pharmaceutical company researching and developing new therapies using cannabis-based drugs. By providing clarification and the necessary expertise, the company significantly helps to improve the safety and tolerability of the various treatment options with cannabinoid therapies. As pioneer of the European cannabis industry, transparency and sustainability are the foundation of what Farmako does. In order to be able to offer patients the best possible therapy, the company’s focus is on a selected product range that is unique in terms of both quality and quantity.

Alphagreen Group

Location: Covent Garden, Essex, United Kingdom

Founded: 2019

Alphagreen is the leading platform for CBD and alternative healthcare products. The company’s end to-end tech solution increases customer reach and solves pain points for brands. Leveraging its in-house resources, the group provides systematic SEO to brands and paid advertising opportunities via a large publisher-network. The company integrates seamlessly with fulfillment partners to act as a digital storefront for brands looking to enter the UK or Europe, and in the near future also Asia. Alphagreen’s data and analytics solution helps shops and brands gain insight into consumer behaviour, demographics, and detailed product category performance.


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