The Top 5 CBD Topicals For Muscle Recovery

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Athletes, this one is for you.

The CBD marketplace is robust with topicals that aid in recovery. From muscle tension post-exercise to pain in your hands and wrists caused by carpal tunnel, the power of cannabinoids to both reduce inflammation and pain is a game-changer. CBD is not the only cannabinoid coming to the rescue. Mounting research shows that its cousin cannabigerol or CBG holds efficacy when it comes to reducing pain, inflammation, and bringing relief.

Topicals are one of the most popular methods of utilizing CBD in your daily routine. Here are 5 topicals great for whatever type of recovery your body may need.

Boost Nano Hydrogel from Beam

Boost, the Nano Hydrogel from Beam, is praised by athletes across the country, including their team’s powerful influencer network members Danica Patrick, PGA golfer Billy Horschel, Matthew Fraser, and more. The water-based CBD is made with orange and citrus organic essential oils, so its scent is a light and pleasant one. Beam’s proprietary nano CBD technology makes it one of the faster-absorbing topicals for consumers to date. 600 milligrams of CBD can be found in each bottle.

Boost Nano Hydrogel from Beam – greenentrepreneur

CBG Topical from Goodekind

Goodekind is a new CBD offering on the market that is a dream for post-workout recovery. The special part about this one? It is made with 300 milligrams of CBG, CBD’s cannabinoid counterpart that offers loads of benefits from anti-inflammatory to pain relief. Goodekind’s topical is also made using organic shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, and essential oils. The company offers additional trust to consumers by including the complete lab reports for each batch, so you know what you’re getting. Goodekind is also kicking back a portion of its profits, one-eighth to be exact, to human rights coalition initiatives across the U.S.

CBG Topical from Goodekind – greenentrepreneur

CBD Balm Stick from Bloom Farms

Bloom Farms outdid themselves with their CBD Balm Stick. The product offers relief for soreness, tight muscles, and inflammation, and is especially potent post-workout. The company’s full-spectrum CBD works wonders in conjunction with Bloom’s proprietary blend of herbs, “known to have stamina- and circulation-enhancing properties, works synergistically with soothing camphor and arnica for a greater effect than each alone.” The entourage effect of all of these herbs makes for am impactful recovery balm, and the stick is a mess-free way to applicate.

Bloom Farms CBD Balm
CBD Balm Stick from Bloom Farms – greenentrepreneur

CBD Active Spray from MyRemede

Spray the pain away. MyRemede offers this unique CBD Active Spray that absorbs quickly, works to relieve sore muscles and joints effectively. Once rubbed into the skin, it activates the full-spectrum extract of 100 milligrams of CBD to your targeted area of need. The CBD Cooling Gel at 200 milligrams is another powerful remedy the company offers. MyRemede sources all of its CBD from organic hemp farms in Oregon, producing the CBD product lineup using a unique extraction technology that preserves terpenes and a wide range of natural botanical compounds. The spray’s small size also makes it ideal for travel and throwing in your workout bag.

My Remede's CBD Active Spray
CBD Active Spray from MyRemede – greenentrepreneur

Pain Relief Balm from Cannabombz

Cannabombz' CBD topical is powerful.
Pain Relief Balm from Cannabombz – greenentrepreneur

At 2500 milligrams, Cannabombz takes the potency of CBD topicals to new heights. This CBD stick works wonders for general pain relief. Reviewers swear by it. It comes in two scents, the original, Peppermint and Lavender, and Eucalyptus and Lavender. Made with full-spectrum CBD, organic white beeswax, Eucalyptus essential oil, and Lavender essential oil, the scent is as divine as its powerful recovery benefits. Cannabombz is female-owned and operated, based out of Arizona. The balm lives up to the company’s promise of high milligrams at affordable pricing. Cannabombz is hard to beat.

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