50% of pharmacists in 2019 make over the $130,000

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Every year, Drug Topics® asks pharmacists about their job experiences. Take our 2020 Annual Pharmacy Salary Survey here.

Drug Topics Salary Survey

Every year, Drug Topics® asks pharmacists about their job experiences. We want to know about pharmacists’ professional satisfaction—everything from salaries, raises, and bonuses to workload and stress levels.

Read more about last year’s salary survey results. Some of the takeaways from 2019 include:

  • Sixty-one percent of pharmacists said their stress levels increased at work in 2019 compared to 2018.
  • The average salary reported in the 2010 survey was lower ($100,000-$130,000) compared to 2019, with nearly 50% of pharmacists in 2019 who said they make over the $130,000 mark.
  • More than 18% of pharmacists said they were “extremely satisified” with their job compared to 9% of those who said they were “extremely dissatisfied”.
  • Common stress contributors cited in the 2019 survey included vaccination quotas, DIR fees, and new USP regulations.

Take our 2020 Annual Pharmacy Salary survey here and stay tuned to see how this year’s results compare.


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