2018 cannabis report: A society in transition, an industry ready to bloom

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The cannabis era dawns

The world is watching as Canada steps into the spotlight as the first
G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide. This year,
cannabis will become legal at the federal, provincial/territorial, and
local levels. Public officials are balancing health, safety, and revenue as they
strive to undermine the illegal market, ensure a safe and controlled supply,
and keep cannabis out of children’s hands.

If successful, Canada will win global acclaim and set an example for other
nations. The federal government’s push for legalization has already had a
powerful effect, sparking a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship that
shares the fast-growing, can-do spirit of our technology sector.

What will the legal market look like? How will public officials balance health,
safety, and revenue priorities? And who’s going to be buying? To shed
some light on the subject, Deloitte surveyed current and likely recreational
cannabis consumers across the country in early 2018 to gain insights into
how consumption levels may change, what kinds of products consumers
would be interested in, and how and where they’d like to purchase—in
short, what consumer demand means for the cannabis market.


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