Cannabis Oil extraction : Operation Conditions

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To learn my device, I purchased several ounces of trim and ran them through with terrible results, but I learned a lot by doing that — I have so much more to learn. I put my lessons to the test in my first flower run. I wanted to “survey” all of the compounds I knew how to find by getting a little from each range to test.. Consider this my first serious test run.

Here are my log notes, walking through my process for my first serious run:

Untested Sour Diesel — this usually tests at 20% THC and nearly 0% CBD, but this flower was not tested prior to extraction. I used 26g of flower.

20 minutes @ 45C & Ambient pressure ( Heat bath)
45 minutes @ 45C & 1400 psi (Terpenes)
15 minutes @ 45C & 1400 psi (Terpenes – Reverse tube)
30 minutes @ 52C & 2300 psi (CBN)
15 minutes @ 52C & 2300 psi (CBN – Reverse tube)
30 minutes @ 53C & 2500 psi ( CBD )
15 minutes @ 53C & 2500 psi (CBD – Reverse tube)
30 minutes @ 55C & 2700 psi ( CBG )
15 minutes @ 56C & 2700 psi (CBG Reverse tube)
Place reaction chamber in 220 F oven for 60 minutes
20 minutes @ 60C & Ambient pressure ( Heat bath)
45 minutes @ 60C. & 3200 psi ( THC )
Extract sample for analysis (report above)
15 minutes @ 60C & 3200 psi ( THC ) — nice clear oil
30 minutes @ 60C & 3200 psi ( THC – Reverse tube) — nice clear oil for 15 minutes, then some chlorophyll… 🙁

The sample was extracted from 4.5ml of output oil medicine. Then I extracted more, to push the limit, and got 2ml more of useable oil and 0.5mi of chlorophyll-contamination.

What I learned:
The percentages do matter — only buy plants with test results.
I don’t need that much of the terpenes, so limit extraction to 15 minutes in each direction next time.
Pick a strain testing with CBD, or don’t bother with those cannabinoid extractions.
Reduce the cannabinoid extraction time to a number appropriate to the amount tested (don’t spend an hour extracting something that is only present at 1%).

I have enough Sour Diesel material for two more runs, so I plan on being more cautious. I’ll go only a short time for some terpenes, and then skip to the THC settings for an hour in one direction and then 15 minutes reversed.

When I need more medicine, I’m going to choose a strain with more cannabinoids.


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