Cannabis Oil extraction : Operation Conditions Part 2

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Here are my current extraction set points. The time I spend in each space depends on the flower-lab-test-results (if available from dispensary at time-of-purchase) and how the extraction output “looks” as the extraction continues (this just took time for me to “get-a-feel-for-it”). I’ll include my average “cook” times here, but these do change during each extraction, so adjust as your experience sees fit.

In this order (remember, always start low and increase in stages), these set-points are each run for 30 to 45 minutes:
45C@1,400 psi Terpenes
(I pause the pump for 10 minutes, while the temperature ramps-up and so I can remove the extract from collection vessel for later reintroduction)
Supercritical: (skip these next three points if you are only interested in THC)
53C@2,300 psi (I leave it running between these temps) (CBN – I think)
55C@2,500 psi (CBD – I think)
55C@2,700 psi (CBG – I think)
(At some point in those steps, the CBC is released also, but I don’t know when)
Then I do these last two in this order, for the indicated various times:
(I pause the pump for 10 minutes, while the temperature ramps)
60C@3,000 psi for 60 to 90 minutes (if only interested in THC, shorten this step)
60C@3,200 psi for 30 to 60 minutes (sometimes I reverse the tube)
Last big step is that I place the collection vessel in a 210F oven for 30 minutes. (Decarb)
After the oil cools down from the oven (being cool here is really, really important), I mix the terpenes (from the sub-critical step above) back into the cannabinoid extracts.

I usually extract about 5mls of cannabis oil from each ounce of plant material using these steps, but it’s only about 40% THC. If I did fewer steps, and shortened the THC extraction times a little, the same amount of THC would come, the concentration would be higher, but you’d only have about 2-3mls and few, if any of the other beneficial compounds. (I hope that made sense….)

Now, I think I finished the post I started yesterday. Did I leave anything important out? I hope these ramblings help someone else get started with more ease.

Here are my questions I have about what I am doing, and I’m hoping you might have some input for us that can help us all get better at this. Do these steps make sense to you, based on your experience? What do you know of set-points I am using (the good, the bad, the unknown)? (I’m asking because I sort-of made them up while trying to combine and corroborate lots of work done but others before me [big thank you to them!]. Each of those tests I attached above were targeted-runs to help me find the “right” numbers. In other words, I am guessing, testing, and guessing again.)


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