What is 99% pure cannabidiol (CBD)?

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CBD isolate is Cannabidiol in its purest form, produced by isolating the natural CBD from all the other compounds found in the hemp plant. This creates a concentrated single molecule 99% pure cannabidiol product that can be used on it’s own or added as an ingredient in any custom formulation you choose.

Chemistry & Properties of Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol on Pubchem

Pubchem cannabidiol

International Nonproprietary Name (INN)

Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) Registry Number


Chemical Name

IUPAC Name: 2-[(6R)-3-methyl-6-prop-1-en-2-ylcyclohex-2-en-1- yl]-5-pentylbenzene-1,3-diol

Other Chemical Names:

CBD; 2-[1R-3-methyl-6R-(1-methylethenyl)-2-cyclohexen-1-yl]-5-pentyl-1,3- benzenediol;

Molecular Formula: C21H30O2
Molecular Weight: 314.469 g/mol

Chemical Properties of Cannabidiol

Melting point: 62-63°C
Boiling point: 160-180°C
Solubility: approx. 23.6 mg/mL in DSMO and ethanol

Cannabidiol is an cannabinoid that is cyclohexene which is substituted by a methyl group at position 1, a 2,6-dihydroxy-4-pentylphenyl group at position 3, and a prop-1-en-2-yl group at position 4. It has a role as a plant metabolite. It is a member of resorcinols, an olefinic compound and a phytocannabinoid.

cannabidiol CBD isolate molecule

99+% Pure CBD Isolate Powder from European Hemp

Our CBD isolate is extracted from the mature stalks and stems & flowers of European certified hemp plants. Made from NON-GMOPESTICIDE FREE, CO2 Extracted Industrial Hemp oil. This product comes in the Crystalline (Powdered) form:  ingredients: Anhydrous hemp oil, no other active ingredients

CBD Isolate Extraction Methods

There are a variety of methods to produce CBD Isolate from botanical material. The most common for small scale producers involve a 2 or 3 step process:

    • CO2 extraction and winterization
    • Open ethanol wash with vacuum after-purge
    • Ethanol extraction and winterization

To further refine the extract, and to isolate the CBD, the extract goes through Short Path Distillation. This works by heating the extract so each compound is separated because each one has a different boiling point. This way the different compounds can be completely separated.

Botanical CBD Isolate Manufacturers

CBD Oil Europe partner with several botanical CBD Isolate manufacturers. We offer botanical extracts from industrial hemp, these are sometimes also called CBD Distillate resulting in a THC-free CBD Isolate.

No residual solvents. Our products don’t have any residual solvents which is a common issue with other CBD isolates.
Purity. 99% Pure CBD Isolate derived from European-grown industrial hemp.
Color. Pure white. High-quality isolate should sparkle like fresh snow.

Industrial chromatography to separate CBD Isolate

Most industrial production methods use a technique called chromatography.

Chromatography is a laboratory technique for the separation of a mixture. The mixture is dissolved in a fluid called the mobile phase, which carries it through a structure holding another material called the stationary phase. The various constituents of the mixture travel at different speeds, causing them to separate.

Simulated moving bed chromatography

Simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography SMB chromatography allows separation and purification of one or simultaneously two desired product compounds, the stronger adsorbing compound is obtained as the extract and the weaker adsorbing compound is obtained as the raffinate.

By subjecting the desired cannabinoid compounds which are contained in the extract to further extraction steps, impurities can be removed.

In particular, organic compounds, which may be present from the synthetic step such as starting materials or side products of the synthesis can be removed to a degree such that they are present in an total amount of less than 100 ppm. The extraction agent may be any substance selected from the group consisting of cyclohexane, heptane and other oxygen free hydrocarbons.

This process is described in more detail here: Method for purifying cannabinoid compounds

Centrifugal partition chromatography

Centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC) CPC technology employs a silica-free liquid-liquid chromatography (LLC) column and can be carried out in batch or continuous mode. CPC can be used to purify CBD from crude extracts of Cannabis in just one step

CPC 250 Purification of cannabidiol from cannabis sativa

Synthetic manufacture of CBD Isolate

There are also ways to synthetically manufacture CBD isolate using chemical processes. Synthetic forms of cannabidiol are commercially available (e.g. from Sigma Corp.). However the costs involved in synthetic methods are prohibitive for practical pharmaceutical application

E-mentha-diene-l-01 with olivetol

The condensation of (+)-e-mentha-diene-l-01 with olivetol in the presence of weak acids (oxalic, picric or maleic acid). The isomer obtained in this reaction may be converted to CBD with BF3-etherate by a retro-Friedel- Crafts reaction, followed by recombination. However, with this reagent the reaction proceeds further causing cyclisation of CBD to delta-1-THC and iso-THC

Boron trifluoride (BF3)- etherate on alumina

A one step reaction for CBD synthesis utilizes boron trifluoride (BF3)- etherate on alumina as condensing reagent in the reaction of (+)-e-mentha- diene-l-01 with olivetol on a 0.8mmol scale (refer to Figure 1). This results in CBD as the major product, with 55% yield as chromatographically pure oil or 41% yield as crystalline material. On a 100mmol scale, the yields were 46% as an oil, and 37% as crystalline material.

CBD Isolate API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient)

CBD Isolate API is a specific kind of CBD Isolate that is approved as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). This means the whole production process is GMP certified and the CBD is suitable for use in pharmaceutical preparations.  CBD Oil Europe can only supply API Isolate via one of our partners to licensed companies outside the EU.

CBD Isolate API is used in the development of CBD based drugs, pharmaceutical applications, research, clinical studies, and clinical trials.

CBD Oil Europe is positioned to supply conventional CBD isolate throughout the European Union. We do consulting and sourcing GMP CBD only to certified buyers outside the EU. No health claims can be made on any of our CBD products.

CBD Oil Europe will immediately terminate any business relationship with an entity in case restrictions on health claims are violated.

API CBD Isolate 99.9% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Cannabidiol

Who is legally allowed to buy CBD API Isolate?

If you are a pharmaceutical company or medical research facility and have the necessary licences you can purchase CBD API Isolate directly from a number of manufacturers listed here:  Manufacturers and suppliers of Cannabidiol

Continue at:  https://cbdoileurope.com/wholesale-cbd-oil/bulk-cbd/bulk-cbd-crystals-isolate/wholesale-cbd-isolate-in-bulk-99-pure-cannabdidiol-cbd-isolate-api/


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