3 key security tips for outdoor cannabis grow facilities

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It is crucial for outdoor cannabis grows to frequently review their security and look for ways to improve

Cannabis availability seems to change every month. Slowly but surely, every state is either legalizing or expanding access to a product that used to be attainable only on the black market. However, the black market still exists; therefore, there is still a large market for a desirable product that can easily be converted into cash.

Cannabis Security is still a major component of most applications to receive a cannabis business license. Although cannabis consumption is becoming more mainstream, you can still find several new reports of robberies, break-ins, and employee theft.

Additionally, cannabis license compliance often requires the installation of new security equipment no matter the facility. It will also require strict observance of inventory and reporting procedures, as failure to properly report missing assets to law enforcement or a supervising body can result in forfeiture of your license to sell cannabis products


Choosing the right safety measures to protect outdoor cannabis grow facilities can often be more difficult than security for an indoor grow. Since not all security equipment is suitable for outdoor conditions, it’s important to research what is appropriate for security for outdoor cannabis grows.

Barriers and Lighting

One of the most crucial security measures to implement with outdoor growth is creating a physical and/or visual barrier between your crop and potential thieves. Installing proper fencing can help prevent intrusion, starting with the entry and exit points of the property. When physical or visual barriers are in place, potential criminals are deterred from gaining unauthorized access to a property or from stealing valuable assets.

Along with fencing, implementing obscuring barriers, like tree lines, bushes, or buildings can prevent the public from viewing the cannabis crop. This can help to avoid allowing a potential criminal from gaining knowledge of what is being cultivated. Highly visible signage and cameras surrounding the perimeter of the facility will make a potential criminal aware that security is in place and their actions are being recorded.

Proper lighting can also be beneficial in deterring unauthorized access by making it more difficult for potential criminals to discreetly enter the property or approach the facility. Installing lighting on fences, building exteriors, and at all entry and exit points will statistically decrease the chance of intrusion. Utilizing greenhouses can also be beneficial. Modern greenhouses are no longer made of glass or plastic and are now considered quite durable and can offer an additional layer of protection.

Video Surveillance

Cameras should be installed onto fences or posts surrounding the perimeter of the property to identify individuals and vehicles. These cameras should be placed at all entry and exit points of the property to capture license plate numbers and the make and model of vehicles, as well as to identify the drivers. Camera placement is crucial in implementing a successful video surveillance system – but the more detail desired from the footage, the more expensive the equipment will be.

Many security equipment integrators also offer video monitoring services. Video monitoring services can be a reliable way to limit false alarms since outdoor detectors typically capture more motion than indoor detectors and can sometimes lead to unnecessary calls to police or guard services. Trained dispatchers can view a business’ cameras remotely and identify if the motion was set off by an intruder or something more harmless, like an animal. Video monitoring services can be costly, but they can be a dependable source of continuous security.

Security Equipment and Personnel

Not all security equipment is suitable for outdoors, however, one device that is appropriate for outdoor conditions is photoelectric beams. A photoelectric sensor or beam is composed of two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter will transmit light and the receiver will detect the light being reflected from the transmitter. If the beam of light has been interrupted between the transmitter and the receiver, the alarm will trigger. These devices should be implemented at entry and exit points, and once triggered, sound the alarm and alert property management. Properly installed outdoor sirens will also create an audible alarm, effectively deterring potential intruders and alerting onsite guards and local law enforcement.

Guard services can provide continuous surveillance of a facility or property. Guards can be utilized to monitor the perimeter of the facility and watch for suspicious activity. These employees should pass along, extensive background check and should obtain certifications to ensure they are qualified to protect a business’ property and assets.

One of the most beneficial things an outdoor grow can do to ensure successful security is to have the property evaluated by a professional security advisor. Professional security advisors can provide the appropriate information and recommendations necessary to prevent theft or damage to cannabis crops. It is crucial for outdoor cannabis grows to frequently review their security and look for ways to improve. It is always better to install proactive security measures prior to an incident to avoid potential losses of currency, products, or valuable assets.

About the Authors: Led by managing partner Tony Gallo, Sapphire Risk Advisory Group is one of the industry’s top consulting firms for cannabis security design and implementation, risk assessment and compliance. Sapphire Risk Advisory Group has written over 300 city/state applications for dispensaries and cultivation facilities in 24 states. Their professionally written security sections have received an average score of 94%. The firm is committed to fighting for every point so that expanding cannabis enterprises have the edge needed to win a license in a competitive market.


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