Cannabis: Introduction of Atomizer

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“The atomizer is the most important element in the operation of an electronic cigarette. This article will help you have a basic understanding of atomizer.”

The atomizer is the most important element in the operation of an electronic cigarette. It’s what determines the production of vapor and the rendering of flavors you get from your device. Compared to a clearomizer, a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) allows you to choose your own style of vape, save money and even discover a new hobby.

The term “atomizer” includes all devices that make vapor with liquid. For the purposes of this article we will refer to the rebuildable atomizer, as opposed to clearomizers that use ready-made coils.


The big difference between these two is the possibility for personal assembly, i.e., to choose its coil and the cotton wick. However, the question that immediately comes to mind is why bother to do this when there are already made coils? There are three main reasons for this:

The first reason is simply to improve your vape experience. The atomizer allows you to choose exactly the coil that will give you the most satisfaction, whether for vapor production, the power of the vape, or the rendering of flavors. The choice of atomizers is also much wider and more varied than that of clearomizers. Pushing the door to the world of rebuildables will ensure the perfect adaptation of your equipment to your expectations.

The second reason is financial. A ready-to-use coil generally costs between 2 and 5 euros, and it must be changed between two and four times a month, sometimes more as some e-liquids clog the resistance very quickly. If you use several different liquids, and change them frequently, you will amass a significant cost. Rebuilding a coil will only cost a few cents, the price of a piece of resistance wire, and some suitable cotton. At the end of the year, the difference is noticeable.

Finally, the recreational aspect cannot be neglected as a third reason. Doing one’s own assemblies is a bit like a DIY project. Taking care to learn what type of resistance is best suited to a certain style of liquid is a hobby you can quickly get a taste for! It’s always best if assembling your atomizer remains a pleasurable task. If creating your assemblies annoys you, just switch to the clearomizers. But if you make it a hobby, it will quickly become a passion.

Things to remember

Rebuildable atomizers provide:

  • an atomizer with resistance perfectly adapted to your expectations
  • a substantial saving
  • a new hobby

Use of an atomizer

Unlike clearomizers, which are ready to use as soon as they come out of the box, atomizers require a little time and, not to be overlooked, a little practice. The first assemblies are rarely successful, and we advise you to keep a clearomizer and use it daily until you have learned to make your vape pleasant and reliable with the RTA.

Assembling your resistance is simple. You turn a piece of metal wire around an axis to make a spiral, place it in the mounting tray, put the cotton, fill it with liquid, and forward the music.

Once you’ve practiced with the basics, you can add some details to complicate things a bit. Which metal to use? On an axis of what diameter? How many revolutions to tap at what power? What type of wick and how to position it? How to have the right capillarity without leaks? The practice of reconstructibles requires patience and method.

In reality, it is much simpler than it seems, and there is no lack of tutorials to help you quickly succeed in your first assembly. And the assembly the main thing, because it will work. The rest, the details to get even more vapor or flavor, will come with practice and the time you want to devote to it.

Building Your Own Coil

As we’ve seen, reconstructible atomizers offer the advantage of being fully customizable. You can choose the type of wick, such as cotton, as well as its resistive thread.

There are many types of mounting for resistive threads and their nature is varied. Here’s how to make one of the most common assemblies, the micro-coil, which is a resistor whose windings touch each other. Another technique is to keep the turns spaced apart. If you are a novice in this matter, we also invite you to read our tutorial to learn how to prepare your cotton.

Atomizers’ History in 3 Dates

2010: Kender theorizes the atomizer, which is fed with e-liquid by a wick of wire mesh, this system is called “Genesis”. Kender got the idea of using the mesh when he saw a modeler using it to make steam on his model trains. Inspired by Kender’s idea, a German named Raidy made the first reconstructable atomizer.

2013: The Kayfun 3.1 of Svoëmesto is the first high-end atomizer with high diffusion. His vape was exceptional, and still holds up well today. As a result, it is one of the most cloned atomizers in the world.

2014: The Taifun GT enjoys a phenomenal buzz. It has long remained a benchmark in flavor atomizers. It gave birth to the school of “cool” vaping as opposed to Kayfun. The competition between fans of both can be compared to that between fans of the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

Frequently Asked Questions About Atomizers

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about electronic cigarette batteries. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please feel free to leave your question in the comment box below.

Which atomizer should I choose?

The choice of the atomizer depends on your style of vape. While some steamers wish to produce as much vapor as possible, others are much more focused on the flavors of their e-liquids. Thus, some atomizers have been specially designed to have a high production of steam, and others to restore the best taste of all your e-liquids. What also comes into play here is the way you vaporize. This includes direct lung inhalation, or indirect inhalation (also called MTL for “Mouth To Lung”). Other details also come into account, such as the possibilities offered by the airflow, the material in which the atomizer is built, its design, and of course, the budget you are willing to put into it. There are many questions that it will be important to answer before making your choice. Do not hesitate to consult tests carried out by professionals concerning the material which interests you.

How do you clean an atomizer?

The cleaning of your atomizer is essential to keep it in excellent condition. To do this, nothing could be simpler. You unscrew it from your battery, remove the cotton from the resistance level, and pass the whole thing under warm water. Once the operation is done, put everything back on in the reverse order of how you took it off!

When should I change the resistance of my atomizer?

There is no perfect answer to this question as several criteria come into play. All you need to know is that a resistance made by you does not cost much (a few inches of thread and a little cotton), so do not hesitate to change it regularly! Once a week may be a good starting point. It’s up to you to adapt this rule to your situation, depending on whether you vape a little or a lot, or if you use e-liquids that particularly dirty the resistors, etc.

When should I change my atomizer?

An atomizer has no real lifespan since the only part that shows wear is the resistance, and the resistance can easily be changed. The change of your entire atomizer will depend mainly on your desire to change equipment.


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