Why are Disposable CBD Vaporizer So Popular

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As CBD’s research becomes more open and in-depth, people’s knowledge of CBD is gradually clear.

Helping sleep, anti-anxiety, relaxation, and anti-inflammatory are the main topics we hear from users. Compared with Class A drugs, the dependence of CBD is particularly critical. Although we cannot descript it with words of cure or treatment, the results show that CBD can indeed give people what people need most in some ways, and it is purely natural without side function.

The pursuit of health is the consistent purpose of all people, but for a new thing, we believe that more people will maintain an attitude of experimentation. Based on these opinions, we decided to launch a CBD vaporizer that can be affordable and easy to use. Simple operation, portable size, and trusted quality are what ALD’s doing.

Vapor safety, especially heavy metals, has always been a common problem in the vape industry. Compared to some non-famous manufacturers, ALD always put the quality of hardware in the first position. Under the production environment of ISO9001 and GMP, all ALD’s products will pass rigorous testing. Only vaporizers that approved the safety standards will enter the market and then come to every family.


Meanwhile, ALD believes the application of food-grade material such as PCTG and 316S stainless steel is a very important part of the R&D project, which allows the extract(CBD) to avoid the production of heavy metals and harmful substances during the vaporizing process.

To be proud of ceramic heating elements, this is the most successful field of ALD. The market effect we bring to the amazing brand “STIIIZY ” is incredible. We always believe that the future field of CBD vaping must also be based on the ceramics element. This is due to the high-temperature resistance, leakage prevention, and the advantage of pure tastes.

As we know, CBD extract is currently illegal in China, which means that the brander needs to fill the device locally. For this reason, we designed the Nati series, which can be filled easily out of the factory. For more, we also can offer an automated filling machine system to match the larger needs. Even you want to do a trial business or extend your existing business, ALD always is your partner.

Vaping makes people’s life colorful and meticulous, and it is a great thing. ALD has been in this field for more than 11 years; we believe that life needs quality, and quality comes from every step every attitude.

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