Cannabis Extracts Prices – 2020 August 09

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Product Price ($ / Kg)
Broad Spectrum THC Free Distillate (90% CBD / no THC) 2000
Full Spectrum Compliant Distillate (90% CBD / <0.3 % THC) 1800
CBD Isolate (> 99.5%) 1500
CBG Isolate (> 99.5%) 6000
CBN Isolate (> 99.5%) 22500
Winterized / Decarbed Crude (After extraction process) 450
Certified Organic Non-Detect THC Distillate (An honest extract that captures the cannabinoid profile of our certified organic biomass) 3500
Certified Organic Full Spectrum Distillate (90% CBD / < 0.3% THC) 3500
Certified Organic Compliant Crude (after extraction process) 2000
Custom CBD Concentrations – Shatter & Wax 4000
Live Terpenes 8000




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