Guideline on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for veterinary premixes

Guideline on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for veterinary premixes

In this Guideline, veterinary premixes are defined as mixtures of one or more active ingredients, usually in suitable bases, which containing scheduled poisons (substances listed in First Schedule of the Poison Act 1952) or nonpoisons substances that are used exclusively in the preparation of animal feed for medicinal purpose. Veterinary premixes are subject to a registration process that requires them to be fit for their intended use and to not place treated animals or users at risk due to inadequate safety, quality or efficacy. Veterinary premixes must be manufactured in such a way that they comply with their registered particulars and that there is batch-to-batch consistency. The Guideline establish the requirements for the quality management, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), equipment, personnel, documentation, testing, etc. The annex 1 include the list of antimicrobials (premix) used in food producing animals for disease treatment and disease prevention/ metaphylaxis.


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