The First Israeli Medical Cannabis Center Will Open in November

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The Israeli medical cannabis company CANTEK announced that it would open the country’s first medical marijuana center in Tel Aviv in November this year. The center will house its medical marijuana consulting project, a marijuana dispensary, and clubhouse “Tree of Knowledge”.

Since acquiring control of Shlomi Sandak’s “CannabiSandak” and Ilan Gil’s “Green Medical Services,” CANTEK’s “Tree of Knowledge” has become Israel’s largest medical cannabis consultation center.

Two of Israel’s most famous medical marijuana activists, Sandak and Gill, are now operating at the center, guiding patients through the lengthy bureaucratic process to obtain a medical marijuana license for 1,200 NIS.

The center has doctors specializing in psychiatry, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, and cardiothoracic surgery to help patients with various diseases, which can be assisted by medical marijuana, including PTSD, autism, and Crowe Favor disease, chronic pain, and cancer.

In addition to Tree of Knowledge, the new center will also have a cannabis-only dispensary (with CANTEK products) and a club, where patients can exchange and compare treatment methods and get information lectures about Israeli medical cannabis.

The Jerusalem Post met for an interview with representatives from CANTEK on Monday in their Tel Aviv location, which currently serves as a management office, a day before renovations begin.

“The room that we’re sitting in right now is going to be the center’s safe. In about three months, this room will be filled with over 200 kilograms of cannabis.” CANTEK’s VP of business development, Oren Dolfin said.

Dolfin said that although most pharmacies have designed safes that can hold 15 kilograms of marijuana, larger safes can make the supply stable and reliable.

When asked about the need to simplify the medical consultation process specifically for cannabis, Dolfin said, “Regulation is always the biggest obstacle. We have a system that guides [patients], telling them what to do and how to approach the government in order to get a license. We have about a 90% success rate.”

“Medicinal cannabis is often treated as a last resort. Many people must first try all the classic treatments in the medical system before they are prescribed cannabis, including dangerous and addictive opiates,” Dolfin added.

“10% of Israelis have been diagnosed with PTSD. 17% of the population has chronic pain. That’s up to 27% of the population that could qualify for a license,” CANTEK’s VP, David Shisel, told the Post. CANTEK by Shmuel Capuano, Israel’s Netsah, and Daniel Machluf founded in 2016 in Beit Shemesh, the majority city of Haredi.

In November last year, the company signed an agreement with the cannabis retailer “Together”. The latter agreed to provide CANTEK with cannabis products worth nearly 200 million NIS within the next five years. CANTEK experts supervise quality.

Capuano, the chairman of the company, ironically, he experienced medical marijuana use for the first time after starting his own medical marijuana company because he suffered from chronic pain caused by the dislocation of the lumbar intervertebral disc.

Capuano, who serves as the company’s chairman, ironically had his first experience with medical cannabis only after starting his own medical cannabis company, due to him suffering from chronic pain caused by a dislocated disc in his lower back.

“I realized that a lot of the pain I was experiencing was a product of repressed emotions. I thought of it as a medicine, but when I actually experienced it, I realized it’s more than just medicine, and actually works within the person to help them heal emotionally as well,” Capuano told the Post.

Capuano said that although CANTEK is a medical cannabis retailer, the purpose of the consultation center itself is not for profit, but education and research on medical cannabis.

“We have very experienced, knowledgeable people with us, but there’s a lot more we can still learn. In the process of offering these services, we can gain more knowledge and share that knowledge with others,” Capuano said.

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