Top 5 Mold-Resistant Cannabis Strains

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Which strain of cannabis is best suited to fight mold?

Mold is a common problem well-known to cannabis growers and has a tremendous impact on yield and productivity. When growing cannabis, growers need to consider many factors, including light factors, soil, watering methods, and many other factors that contribute to plant growth. However, mold infection is also an essential aspect of the growth period. If the maximum yield is to achieve, this requires the most excellent attention from the grower.

Under certain conditions, such as stagnant air, humid or humid conditions, and cold temperatures, plants will promote mold growth, which has already affected cannabis growers. The two most common molds that affect plants are bud rot and powdery mildew, characterized by the appearance of white fluff on plants. The best way to prevent mold infections in plants is to prevent them and take necessary preventive measures. After the onset of infection, conventional treatment is the use of sprays.

However, some cannabis strains are known to resist mold and infection. They can withstand excessive humidity and cool temperatures, while still improving optimal yield, which makes this strain of cannabis very popular among growers. These strains are used by growers to cope with and avoid mold problems. For a long time, mold has proved to be a major threat to the industry.

A careful study of the first five mold-resistant cannabis strains can clearly understand the beneficial properties of these strains and how to use them to satisfy the interests of growers and consumer satisfaction.

Stress Killer Automatic


It derived from three different cannabis varieties, namely Lemon Shining Silver Haze, Ruderalis, and Juanita La Lagrimosa. Stress killer Automatic is a unique strain with lemon flavor, which accepted to a large extent. It is easy to grow outdoors in a warm, hot climate with 11 weeks of flowering time. Stress Killer Automatic can also be grown indoors. However, for maximum yield and return, it is best to grow outdoors.

Stress Killer Automatic has a higher content of Sativa, which is more common than Indica, and it also has a higher CBD level and a THC close to 11%. Stress Killer Automatic can survive and stay strong under high humidity, which naturally makes plants prone to mold. Due to the type of strains that originated, plants naturally have a strong defense against mold formation. It can make users mentally clear and focused.

Shining Silver Haze


Shining Silver Haze comes from three special strains in Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze. The combination of these Shining Silver Haze parents makes it very effective and has a strong mental activity. It gives users a strong, euphoric, and strong feeling while stimulating a sense of relaxation.

Shining Silver Haze is best grown indoors, which provides good yields even outdoors, but this yield is limited. It has a high resilience against mold formation and can withstand humid conditions prone to mold formation.

Shining Silver Haze is best grown indoors where it gives a substantial yield even though it still offers good returns in the outdoors as well. It is highly resilient to mold formation and can withstand damp and humid conditions that predispose the plant to mold formation.

Power Flower


It comes from two crucial parental strains, Original Power Plant and White Widow. The hybrid of these two special strains makes Power Flower well equipped to deal with the climatic conditions of mold invasion and growth. Power Flower is mainly based on Sativa and has a high concentration of THC and low concentration of CBD, which explains the energized high experienced by users.

Power Flower best planted outdoors to achieve maximum yield, and within 8-9 weeks, satisfactory yield can be obtained under controlled and well-defined conditions.

Royal Moby


Royal Moby is a special strain derived from two unique strains, namely White Widow and Haze. It is easy to grow because it can grow and adapt well, even under strong humidity, which is why it is highly resistant to mold. Royal Moby is a very high plant. Growers love it because of its uniqueness, and users love it because of its strong and lasting duration. It is both relaxing and contemplative.

It is a strain mainly based on Sativa, with good THC content, mainly grown outdoors, which can bring considerable yield to the growers.

Northern Light


Northern Light is unique because it is a pure Indica strain with no Sativa content in its composition. This uniqueness makes Northern Light have a very high THC level, an incredibly easy experience for its users.

Northern Light is extremely resistant to mold attack and can easily grow outdoors to obtain a satisfactory yield, critical for growers.

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