Best High CBG Hemp Strains

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The best high CBG hemp strains are few and far between. However, that’s quickly changing thanks to advances in biological technology and cannabis seed breeding.

Best High CBG Hemp Strains

Breeders have now begun to select strains high in cannabigerol, or CBG, rather than more popular CBD strains. The best CBG hemp strains improve hemp farming compliance as well as the scope of hemp’s therapeutic potential.

What Is CBG? - Best High CBG Hemp Strains

What Is CBG? – Best High CBG Hemp Strains

What is CBG?

CBG – or rather CBGa – is the precursor to all other cannabinoids. Cannabinoids like CBDa and THCa develop from CBGa through a process called cannabigerolic acid synthesis. If something should happen to prevent this transformation, the cannabis plant will never develop substantial amounts of CBD or THC.

Hemp breeders create CBG seeds by selecting strains with a disturbance along the biosynthetic pathway. This disturbance blocks CBGa from transforming into other, more mature cannabinoids. In doing, they have developed highly compliant cannabinoid-rich CBG seeds that are quickly gaining the attention of hemp farmers everywhere.

What’s so Special About CBG Hemp Seeds?

Though CBD seeds continue to be the focus of most cannabinoid hemp farmers, CBG seeds are quickly gaining a foothold in the race. CBG seeds are not only reliably compliant with local and federal hemp standards, but also pack an abundance of therapeutic benefits, as well. Research suggests that CBG may be beneficial in treating cancer symptoms, bacterial infections, glaucoma, neurological diseases, and autoimmune conditions. CBG may also help stimulate appetite in some users.

For example, one study concluded that CBG shows the potential for both inhibiting cancer cell growth and triggering cancer cell apoptosis. Yet another study showed that non-hallucinogenic cannabinoids like CBG, CBD are effective anti-cancer agents in leukemia patients. These are only a few of an ever-growing list of studies confirming the notion that CBD may be beneficial to cancer patients. Where else this research will take us, we can only imagine!

Cannabigerolic Acid - Best High CBG Hemp Strains

Cannabigerolic Acid – Best High CBG Hemp Strains

Best High CBG Hemp Strains on the Market

As a relatively new focus, the selection and availability of CBG seeds is lacking. Nevertheless, there are a few CBG hemp strains that are quickly earning their keep in the cannabinoid hemp marketplace.

  • White CBG: White CBG is a high CBG version of “The White,” a popular – and potent – THC cannabis strain. Earning its name from its notorious white trichome coat, The White has passed down this characteristic trait to its CBG offspring, with one major difference: virtually no THC. White CBG emits a lemony aroma from its large, crystalline buds and produces flavors of cream and hash.
  • Jack Frost CBG: Jack Frost CBG is a relatively new CBG strain developed by Oregon Seed Co. It is a cross between Jack Herer, White Widow, and Northern Lights #5 with some Rainbow Kashmiri added along the way. Jack Frost is one of the best CBG hemp strains around. The dense green nugs are frosted with pungent trichomes containing as much as 18 percent CBG in some cases. The flavor is sweet and smooth with a citrusy, hoppy aroma. Hints of chamomile and pine are detectable on the exhale giving hints of fresh, spring air.
  • Stem Cell CBG: Stem Cell CBG is among the first CBG hemp strains made commercially available. Though it is one of the originals, it is still, by far, one of the best CBD hemp strains on the market. Though relatively odorless, this resinous strain is still very potent with almost 99 percent of its cannabinoid profile made of CBG alone.
  • Superglue CBG: Superglue CBG is unlike any other CBG strain on the market. With colors of purple and green, the buds of Superglue CBG hemp plants are both beautiful and flavorful. Those who prefer Haze cannabis strains will love Superglue CBG.
  • Lemon Cream Diesel: Lemon Cream Diesel is a trichome-heavy CBG hemp strain that boasts powerful flavors of lemon and sweet citrus. The strain is very relaxing and produces a gentle body buzz great for pain management and improved focus. Lemon Cream Diesel can be a bit dry and quick to cure, but this is normal for CBG strains, in general.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best high CBG hemp strains is getting easier with each passing day. As breeders meticulously cross different high CBG hemp strains with others, new high CBG hemp seeds will inevitably emerge. But will they be able to keep up with the huge demand of the CBD market? Only time will tell.


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