Total Cannabinoid content during flowering

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The graph below shows total cannabinoid content throughout flower as well as testing protocol in several states in terms of days out from harvest at 8 weeks into flower. Remember the CBD dominant norm of a 28:1 ratio when looking at the numbers, if a plant has 7% CBD, it will also contain around 0.3% THC.

Here is a sample taken at week 4 of flower from our Special Sauce varietal. As you can see the CBD to THC ratio is still around 28:1.
Here Special Sauce is sampled at week 6 of flower – as you can see, total THC numbers are slightly above federal limits of 0.3% total THC. These gains will remain relatively consistent with all pure CBD producing flowers on the market. Once again the CBD to THC ratio remains constant.
Now we have an example of a dried and manicured Special Sauce flower offered by Tweedle Farms. These numbers are meant strictly to show the CBD to THC ratios and are for reference only. We cannot guarantee farmers are able to achieve these numbers, only similar ratios.


Here we have a lab results from our White CBG. These plants were left out in the elements for almost a month passed when we should have harvested them to see how high THC levels were effected. In our research, CBD dominant varieties tend to produce higher levels of THC when left in the field too long – fortunately our CBG cultivars still produced only 0.1% total THC even at week 12 of flower.

Here is a video of Pixis Labs taking samples of the White CBG for the results you see above on October 16, 2019. Note the ratio of CBG to THC, around an astounding 90:1.

And finally, here is an example of a dried and trimmed White CBG flower grown by Fusion CBD. Once again these results are meant for reference only, and we cannot guarantee farmers are able to achieve these numbers. Again we have 90:1 CBG to THC ratio.


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