Calculating technique for formulating alkyd resins

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A calculating technique has been developed for formulating alkyd resins composed, in
general, of two monoacids (fatty acid and aromatic monoacid as the chain stopper), two
diacids (diacid and diacid anhydride) and a blend of diol, trio1 and tetraoi. The technique
provides an explicit connection between the alkyd resin composition and the relevant
parameters of the alkyd resin such as number average molecular weight, fatty acid content
(or oil length) and hydroxyl number. For a fixed fatty acid content, the range of possible
molecular weights for a given hydroxyl number can be determined and vice versa. A
simple computer program can easily be devised using the derived equations, thus allowing
rapid calculations. The equations are also suitable for combination with those based on
the work of Flory, Stockmayer, Jonason, Gordon and Miller, and Macosko, from which
a prediction of the chance for gelation can be made.

Tosko Aleksandar Misev
DSM Resins BV, P.O. Box 615, 8000 AP Zwolle (NeuzerlancLs]
(Received October 16, 1991; accepted January 16, 1992)

Progress in Organic Coatings, 21 (1992) 79-99


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