COVID-19: Bike bonus boosts Italian sales

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ANCMA reports the first results of the corona bike bonus scheme in Italy. – Photo Bike Europe

MILAN, Italy – The 500 euro bonus scheme to purchase a new bicycle provided by the Italian government as part of the corona measures has attracted many people to the shops. The Italian industry organization, Confindustria ANCMA, reports a boost in sales since the shops reopened in early May.

According to ANCMA, “the bike bonus in municipalities with a population over 50,000 inhabitants resulted in an increase in sales by 60% last month compared with May 2019.” However, the ANCMA statistics show a similar trend in regions without the bonus.

More cyclists

“Italians are rediscovering the potential of the bicycle as a multipurpose means of transport, increasingly useful for urban mobility as well as for out-of-town cycling trips,” concludes ANCMA. Nationwide the market volume in May increased from 340,000 in 2019 to 540,000 units this year.

Italians are rediscovering the potential of the bicycle

For the months ahead ANCMA expects an ongoing expansion of the market, in line with last year’s development. Though, ANCMA points out that, “to keep people cycling in the long term, Italy needs to develop its infrastructure. As an association we request the state and local administrations to take this opportunity to invest in cycling infrastructure that is in the interests of all road users.”

Pop-up cycling lanes

Municipalities have already been given the right to turn existing road lanes into bicycle paths. An additional 50 million euros is foreseen for this measure in 2020. Changes are already being seen in Italian cities; Rome announced that 150 kilometres of new cycling paths would be created by September. The total cost of the project will amount to 3.8 million euros. In Milan, 35km of streets are being closed to car traffic, and more 30 km/h limits are being introduced. Streets are also being converted to give cyclists and pedestrians priority.


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