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If you do a search for say Nero or Microsoft Office it will just bring up the official page of that software. If you add 94fbr to the google search it will bring up cracks and keygen’s for whatever you search for. The weird thing is that it will show for multiple sites that aren’t connected to each other.

Now, why is this random set of letters and number so significant? 94fbr was part of a Microsoft Office 2000 product key that when used bypass’s the Microsoft activation system. This was huge back in the day when this hit the internet way back when. Since it’s such an uncommon term and only on websites that contain cracks that why is shows up.

Now you don’t actually wanna visit these sites. Trying to pirate these applications is bad. A lot of the time when you try to use a crack or keygen you will actually infect your computer and you are pretty much giving full access to your bank accounts and any other information you keep on your computer. Even just visiting the sites could lead to the bad stuff happening. So don’t go down this rabbit hole.


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