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The KRACK attack or Key Reinstallation AttaCKs is an attack on WPA2 in which someone can monitor your traffic. If your router has WIFI then this is going to be affected.

The way this works is your device and the router that gives out connects and secures itself with a four-way handshake of encryption keys. During the third handshake, the key can be resent multiple times and when it’s resent in certain ways it completely fails.

Now luckily when this gets patched on your machine it will help just you, so if your router manufacturer doesn’t patch this vulnerability you should be safe, but others will not be. If you are on an encrypted website noted but the HTTPS you should feel a little safer, although HTTPS can be broken too. Also if you have a good VPN your traffic is encrypted and should be safe.

At this point, the only ways to be safe from this attack is to be hard-wired into your router.

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