8 Unique Ways To Build Muscle And Bulk Up Fast

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Gaining enough muscle mass might be a daunting task, especially for beginners. It revolves around innumerable health aspects like consuming enough calories and lifting weights regularly. However, you are less likely to get that muscle pump with just the regular protein meals and shakes. From the eating time to the nutritional content of your diet, you need to alter various things. Also, don’t reduce the daily calorie intake as that leads to a difficulty in gaining muscle faster. If your workout sessions are unable to fetch the muscle build-up, then it’s about time to rethink your ways.


Keep reading to know the unique and effective ways that will help you get that pump without any hassles.




Work On The Volume Of Exercise



Instead of increasing the weights, you must alter the training volume. Muscle build-up is all about improving the intensity of your workout sessions. That means if you performed 3 sets earlier, you need to increase it to 5 or 6 sets per session. Not only does this help in increasing the formation of muscles, but it also reduces muscle fatigue. The high-intensity training session is also fruitful in terms of better endurance and strength. This strategy activates muscle fibers and increases the rate of replication of muscle cells.


Target The Larger Muscles First


People often focus on working the entire body during their training sessions. However, if you wish to gain muscle pumps, you must focus on the specific groups of muscles. Training the larger groups of muscles is yet another effective way to boost the muscle-building process. Since these muscles occupy about 70-80% of your entire body, this strategy helps in improving your appeal. Muscle hypertrophy occurs extensively in muscle groups like glutes, quadriceps, triceps, chest, core, and back. Next time you hit the gym, make sure to activate the huge muscles and gain that extra muscle mass faster. Also,combining supplements like Canadian Juice Monsters with heavy strength training can help pack on muscle at a rapid rate.



Try Not To Skip The Pre-Workout Meal



Experts suggest consuming some beverages loaded with protein right before you hit the gym. This helps in improving your workout efficiency and minimizes muscle damage considerably. Along with this, it restores the lost nutrients and balances the nutritional requirements related to the workout session. For this purpose, it’s always better to go for the easily digestible foodstuffs. Apart from the regular protein shakes, you must consume some natural stuff like greek yogurt or fruits like bananas.


Increase Your Daily Protein Intake


Protein synthesis is greatly responsible for gaining muscle faster. Almost everybody knows the importance of daily protein intake in improving the muscle-building process. However, most of us tend to follow the protein-rich diet routine only for a short period. Ideally, your body requires 200 grams of protein per day to boost muscle growth and replication. What you need to do is incorporate the protein-rich foodstuffs in every meal.


  • Gain Adequate Muscle Mass by consuming more fish protein derived from Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel, and other fishes.


  • Accelerate The Replication Process with Poultry containing high levels of proteins. You might consider duck or chickens for this purpose.


  • Consume The Lactose-Rich Products like cottage cheese, milk, cheese, and yogurt. These act as a complete food and fulfill the energy requirements.


Try Eating Carbs Post Workout



If you’re on a muscle-building spree, it’s better to limit your carbohydrate intake before the workout session. Also, you might want to go for a specific carbohydrate consumption time. That means you must not eat the glucose-rich foodstuffs before your weight training session. Instead of reducing the carb intake, try eating the carbs at dinner time. Not only will this help in muscle growth, but it also reduces the storage of fats significantly. Pair up your meals with some fruits or raw vegetables and eat the real carbs post-workout. That way, you can replenish your glycogen reserves and fulfill the daily energy requirement with minimal efforts.


Increase Training Frequency


Training volume is essential when it comes to gaining muscle mass. What’s even more crucial is weight lifting and its frequency. You can’t lift weights only once a day and expect your muscles to show up all of a sudden. To achieve the right muscle tone, stick to lifting extensively followed by a rest day. This ensures that the body heals and grows muscle during the resting phase. Also, such a routine is ideal for reducing muscle fatigue that might lead to other stress-related muscular disorders.


  • Boosts The Metabolism, which is the prerequisite to muscle production. With the increase in heart rate, your body undergoes faster fat burn and muscle growth.


  • Burns The Extra Glucose that makes the muscle growth process extremely cumbersome and difficult.


Get Enough Sleep Everyday



On your rest day, it is equally important to sleep for at least 8 to 9 hours. This is because the body produces growth hormones during the REM Sleep. Further, this hormone shows anabolic activity and aids in top-notch protein synthesis. With the increase in the levels of proteins, muscle build-up improves two folds. Another reason to stick to adequate sleep is muscle recovery. During the strenuous workout sessions, your body goes through excessive muscle fragmentation and tearing. While sleeping, these muscles recover and replicate at a faster rate. This makes up for the muscle damage that occurs during the training.



Focus On Strength Training


Before embarking upon your muscle-building spree, it’s better to focus on improving the strength first. This is because you can never perform the high-intensity workouts if your body doesn’t possess the optimum strength. Start your workout sessions with strength-training workouts. These include exercises like squats, glute bridges, and push-ups that are pretty easy to perform. You might also increase the difficulty by pairing these workouts with weights or dumbbells. Not only will this accelerate your capabilities to perform excessive reps, but it also improves your core strength. Once you attain the required strength, jump onto the next level of muscle buildup training.




Bottom Line


Muscle growth depends upon innumerable factors like nutritional content of your diet, intensity of workouts, and protein intake. If you wish to gain muscle mass faster, it’s always better to stick to the unique yet effective ways. Try altering the frequency of your meals and increase the same for better results. Also, you might want to consume the pre-workout foodstuffs without fail. This enhances your training efficiency and provides the much-needed proteins for muscle replication. Other muscle building ways like improving the strength, adequate sleep, and resting phases are also equally crucial for faster muscle growth. Refer to the exquisite ways mentioned above to gain muscle without any trouble.



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