Effects of X-ray Inspection On Pharmaceutical Products

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The Nature of X-rays
X-rays are a form of radiation. Two main sources of radiation exist: natural and man-made.
The main sources of natural radiation are cosmic rays and naturally occurring radioactive materials on Earth.

Cosmic rays come from space and can be x-rays, gamma rays and other forms of high energy radiation.
Naturally occurring radioactive materials on the Earth’s surface and atmosphere, such as uranium or radon gas, also emit radiation in the form of alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays. Natural or “background radiation” is always present, although the levels vary from place to place, and are particularly high in the upper atmosphere due to the high level  of cosmic rays, as an example activities such as air travel exposes passengers to relatively high levels of background radiation. The types of background radiation and associated percentages are shown in the diagram below (Figure 1.1).


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