Hemp Toilet Paper: What You Need To Know

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Hemp is an amazing plant whose benefits are many. Ecological and economical, hemp cultivation offers a thousand possibilities. From its edible seeds to its fibers, which make up many materials, almost all hemp elements are useful. Food, cosmetics, health, and other manufacturing companies use hemp in all its forms.

Many associate hemp with cannabis; this plant has a low content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychotropic element of marijuana. One of the most interesting uses of hemp is making toilet papers in the paper industry. In this article, we shall focus on the main virtues of this hemp toilet paper.


What is Hemp Toilet Paper?

Hemp toilet paper is toilet paper made from hemp plants that are consist of hemp cellulose fibers that are easily renewable. These cellulose hemp fibers come from plants such as cannabis sativa indica, Abaca, Musa Textilis plant family (Manila hemp), Agava Sisalana (Sisal hemp) and many other hemp fibers producing hemp.

Producing and using hemp tissues is more economical than producing tissues from trees, this is because it is eco-friendly as no tree will be cut down to produce such tissue papers.

In addition, cellulose hemp fibers produce more hemp tissues than normal trees, this is because it has higher cellulose. In addition, the plant has less lignin, which is removed by pre-pulping, therefore not much is wasted. Hemp toilet paper is also more environmentally friendly than any other type of toilet paper.

How is Hemp Toilet Paper Made?

Hemp toilet paper has a unique way of producing. First, hemp cellulose fibers have to be processed to a pulp. After getting pulp, the next process is forming a thin sheet tissue paper product. This is the core invention that formed the basis of producing hemp tissue.

These thin tissue paper products form oriented short hemp fibers which are of various widths and lengths depending on the use. They are also perforated to make it easy when dispensing.

At this stage, designing is made; paper can have different designs for different tissue paper products. The paper can be rolled into hollow rolls, which can be made into a sheet; these sheets are of two types, single lamina (ply) and a sheet of multiple laminas (plies). These rolls can be made to any type of preference depending on need and supply.

Advantages of Using Hemp Toilet Paper

Hemp toilet paper has many advantages of using. With hemp, we are assured of a better tomorrow. These are various advantages that come with the use of hemp toilet paper:-

It’s Renewable

Hemp toilet paper can be renewed after use. When hemp toilet paper is used, that does not mean it cannot be renewed to a different paper or to the same toilet paper as before. One can use it in different ways, but after using the toilet paper reused again.

It’s Cheap

Comparing hemp toilet paper with the normal tissue paper, one can find it cheaper, it comes cheaply. This is not because it is of low quality, but because it uses little products to produce it.

It is not expensive to make hemp tissue paper as compared to the normal one. In addition, Hemp uses less energy and chemicals when processing it, making it cheaper in producing tissue papers.

It’s Biodegradable

Hemp Toilet Paper

Hemp toilet paper is more biodegradable than any other tissue paper. With hemp toilet paper, we are sure that it will decay after use, and that there will be no environmental pollution that is caused by non-degradable products such as plastics. This type of toilet paper decays faster than normal tissue paper made from trees.

It’s Soft and Durable

Hemp tissue papers are softer than tree tissue papers, this is because, hemp is softer, and therefore anything that is made of hemp is softer itself. With it no one gets hurt when using it, it gives a warmth that is brought by its softness. Its durability is beyond any reasonable doubt. One can use it for a long period as much as one follows the directions of how to keep it well.

Hemp Toilet Paper Brands


Hemp soft is a company in the USA that produces cheap high-quality hemp products that are eco-friendly. It is at the forefront in making sure that the earth future is secure, from all harm caused by global warming. It puts the customers first, with their quality products that give comfort and ultimately great experience and pleasure.


At Hempies, all hemp products can be found, from hemp toilet paper to any hemp paper products. Hempies is famous for its quality products that come at affordable prices. There is no doubt when it comes to Hempies.

Buy bulk with Alibaba

At Alibaba, one can get bulky hemp toilet papers at an affordable price. It is easy to import the products right from the manufacturer to when one is allocated. Alibaba makes things easy for one to order hemp toilet paper and get it where he or she is located. It is just a click away from getting this product all over the world.

Final Thoughts

Hemp is renowned for its many benefits and uses. Production of hemp toilet papers is of great advantage to the users, economy, and environment. If you are looking for a tissue paper, try hemp toilet paper and you’ll never regret.

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