Europe is the second largest chemicals producer in the world

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A look at global chemical sales over the past ten years
(2008-2018) shows:
• In 2009, China became the world’s largest chemicals producer
for the first time, representing 23.6% of global chemical sales,
followed by the EU, accounting for 23.4% of global sales. China
has continued to gain market share since 2009 to the detriment
of Europe.
• World chemicals turnover was valued at €3,347 billion in
2018. Global sales grew by 2.5% from €3,266 billion in 2017 to
€3,347 billion in 2018. With €1,198 billion in 2018, China is still
the largest chemicals producer in the world, contributing 35.8%
of global chemical sales in 2018.
• With 16.9%, the EU chemical industry ranks second in total
sales, with the United States contributing 14%. Worldwide
competition has changed significantly over the last ten years, as
emerging countries in Asia now hold the top ranking in sales.

The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) accounted
for 42.8% of global chemical sales in 2018. Nearly three
quarters of global chemical sales were attributable to BRIC,
the EU and the USA in 2018. The remaining quarter of global
chemical sales were generated mainly by emerging countries in
Asia, including the Middle East.



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