Cannabis New 2020 strains: two autoflowering and four feminized varieties

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Chem-Bomb Auto, Chocolate Mint OG Auto, Forbidden Dream, Passion Fruit Punch, Velvet Octane, and Lemon Citron: these are the new additions to HSO’s catalogue. Two autoflowering and four feminized strains, all Indica-dominant and with terpene profiles characterized by the traditional gassy aroma, sweetened with cutting-edge fruity notes.


The Californian cultivars have flooded the cannabis market with their aromas and potency. Over the last few years they’ve been emerging from the Humboldt woods, conquering growers from all around the globe.

The Humboldt Seeds Organization team want their Californian strains to gain ground in your grows. That’s why they’ve worked extremely hard to create new varieties that remain loyal to the plants grown amongst the sequioa trees, but at the same time provide new value to your crops.

In order to achieve this, we’ve taken Geist Grower’s best kept OG Kush and we’ve crossed her with some fruity Californian strains from the latest cannabis wave. And we’ve also created two varieties for autoflowering fans: one is faithful to Chemdawg’s traits, whilst the other clearly reflects Chocolate Mint OG’s virtues.

Let’s have a look at these new arrivals in more detail.

Two new autoflowering strains

Chem-Bomb Auto

Chemdawg lovers, who trust autoflowerings, should definitely give Chem-Bomb Auto a try. Productive, fast and easy to grow, she perfectly embodies her predecessor’s characteristic aroma. Some of her traits inherited from the elite clone Chem’91 include abundant lateral branching and ample internodal spacing. These both facilitate light penetration to all areas of the plant, which in turn helps provide the buds with the energy required to become large and abundant.

Her full life cycle is 70 days long, which enables growers in short summer locations to harvest before the bad weather arrives. The resulting flowers retain Chemdawg’s typical gassy aroma and citric notes, but this time enhanced by Bubba Kush Auto’s organoleptic properties.

Chem-Bomb Auto

  28.00 €
  45.00 €
  90.00 €

Chocolate Mint OG Auto

Chocolate Mint OG‘s scent has already captivated many cannabis users. Such has been the love for her awesome Diesel, pepper and wood aromas that offering an autoflowering version of this beloved strain was a must. This is the only way to provide everyone, including rookie growers, with the opportunity to grow this benchmark Indica.

The result is a cannabis plant with powerful vegetative growth that can reach a height of up to one and a half meters. Chocolate Mint OG Auto is a tall marijuana plant with enormous secondary branching that makes commercial growers extremely happy. Despite her size, she doesn’t need much fertilization because, as in the case of the autoflowerings, an excess of either water or nutrients doesn’t do her any good.

Forbidden Dream

Here we have a feminized cannabis strain whose looks and scent won’t go unnoticed. It’s one of those varieties that add value to the catalogue of Kushy Indicas for that super fruity terpene profile that has popularized the Californian weed in the last few years. She derives from the cross between a Forbidden Fruit and the best guarded OG Kush by Geist Grower (one of HSO’s founders). No wonder the result is a mega tasty OG Kush that exhibits hypnotising purple, almost black hues. One of Forbidden Dream’s greatest traits is her flavor: a unique, unmistakable taste that is very difficult to replicate in other strains.

Forbidden Dream stretches like a Sativa at the start of the flowering, so it’s best not to overdo it with her vegetative growth. It is also advised to thin her inner growth in early stages of flowering to maximize large terminal colas and secondary layers of development. She reaches her full potential in hot and dry climates, and showcases moderate mold and pest resistance.

Even though Forbidden Dream is a stable strain, we can still find three different phenotypes: one that combines equal amounts of OG Kush and Forbidden Fruit; one with prevailing Forbidden Fruit’s purple hues and fruity aromas; and one that keeps the more classic OG Kush’s features.

Forbidden Dream

  28.00 €
  45.00 €
  90.00 €

Passion Fruit Punch

Passion Fruit Punch’s main attributes are her heavy resin yields and the aromatic complexity of her flowers. She produces dense, cylindrical, super resinous buds: a strain with simply extraordinary bag appeal. Passion Fruit Punch develops into robust, compact plants with tight internodes. She grows slowly yet strong during the vegetative period so she doesn’t need many nutrients. But this doesn’t mean that she stays small, as she can easily double her size during the first stage of flowering.

Her ample lateral branching makes for greater yields, but the real jewel here is undoubtedly her resin production: Passion Fruit Punch’s countless trichomes highly exceed those of other cannabis strains. In fact, she’s quite potent, with THC levels that can reach up to 19%. Her cannabinoid content translates into a really relaxing but not crushing effect, ideal for end-of-day use. Most importantly, this relaxation is accompanied by very unique aromas: thanks to her Purple Punch lineage, she oozes sweet and tropical notes of red berries, which provide outstanding terpene richness to OG’s traditional Kushy scent.

Velvet Octane

As her name indicates, Velvet Octane delivers yields of thick, velvety buds. ‘Velvet’ refers to her trichomes, whereas ‘thick’ refers to her bud density. These dense flowers release an aroma dominated by the terpenes beta-myrcene and beta-caryophyllene, which makes for a Diesel smell and a really potent, long-lasting effect. This new variety is born from the cross between an Afghan OG and a Geist OG, which makes Velvet Octane an OG times two.

Velvet Octane is an Indica-dominant cannabis seed that develops into really compact plants with a robust structure. Thinning of the canopy at the start of the flowering allows for better light penetration. In addition, she responds really well to the SOG technique when flowering is induced two weeks after germination.

Velvet Octane

  25.99 €
  42.00 €
  84.00 €

Lemon Citron

This strain’s most characteristic trait is her aroma: not for nothing is she called Lemon Citron. Her scent and flavor are extremely citric. She’s born from the cross between a Lemon Tree and a Geist OG’s really citrusy phenotype. So she’s the perfect choice for growers who love refreshing strains. Besides her powerful smell, she stands out for being easy to grow and very productive. She grows quickly and vigorously, and her thin leaves allow for great light exposure.

As far as her effect goes, her THC levels don’t exceed 16.5%, so the feeling you get is not particularly strong. She’s not one of those strains that gives you a powerful head high but more a relaxing and cheerful effect, so she can be used all throughout the day.

Lemon Citron

  27.01 €
  44.00 €
  88.00 €


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