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It’s been a year since we released The New. The strain was created in collaboration with Sherbinsky and has become one of our best sellers, with growers from across the world sending in photos, videos and comments that demonstrate her amazing quality. In this grow report, Stoney Tark gives us the lowdown on his experience growing this popular hybrid so that you can get an idea of what results you can expect when growing the plant yourself.

By Stoney Tark 

Lineage: Girl Scout Cookies x Larry O.G Grown:

Grown: Indoors under SANlight LED (Generation 2 Q5 Series)

Medium: Coco

Nutrients: House & Garden Aqua Flakes + Multizyme

Pot Size: 30L felt pot

Growth time on 18/6: 42 days

Flowering time on 12/12: 72 days

I was gifted a pack of The New feminized and could not wait to plant her. From what I had read up, this was a brand new collaboration with Sherbinski and HSO. The genetics are a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Larry OG and with so much hype about this cultivar and her THC levels of 28%, I quickly germinate my seeds and look forward. After placing the seed in a cup of room temperature water and leaving for a full day, the seed had germinated with a bright white tap root emerging.

After transplanting the seedling into a coco jiffy and placed in the grow room with my other plants, it took only 12 hours for the seedling to pop up from the coco and show its first signs of life.

Growing Phase – 18/6

The growing medium used is 30 litres of pure coco and will hand feed using House & Garden Aqua Flakes in combination with Multizyme. My EC will range from 0.6 and I will work my way up to 1.8 later in the flowering stage. This lady will be fed every third day allowing for a two day drying out period, in order to encourage the roots to grow out. Of course the saturation levels during the earliest stages may differ, however the feeding regime will stay the same, and I plan to grow under 18/6 for 5 weeks before flowering. My lights are passive cooled LED from SANlight Generation 2 Q5 Series that use only 440w in total and generate minimal heat and no noise.

For the first few weeks, she grew quickly with a bright, lush healthy vigour until reaching a height of 10cm. At this point I take a sharp, sterile razor blade and very carefully remove the top shoot, basically exposing the axillary shoots. I have done this so early on to promote a bushy, upper canopy and to reduce the final height also, as I have heard this lady can get tall and throw out some heavy harvests. I will wait now a few more weeks before next topping again, to create multiple growing sites and form a more laterally dominant canopy of buds, once flowering commences.

After the third week, she is still low and measuring at 16cm, but is growing with two main crown shoots, and smaller hard wood side branches that have a pungent, lemony, dank aroma when given a gentle stem rub. The next type of plant training I will apply will be super cropping, that involves purposely breaking the stems of the plant. This simply involves applying pressure using the finger and thumb, until you feel and oftentimes hear the inner tube pop. This ensures the squeezed parts grow back twice as strong and send a growth repair auxin to the plant in order to enhance its structure.

By day 28, this girl is a short and stocky bush with short internodal spacing, and a leaf pattern characteristic of hybrid lineage. Her main stem is 7mm wide and she has a very strong appearance. Her height is 42.5cm and has 12 main tops, and with just one more week and she will be flowered, I will carefully prune away the lowest parts of the canopy to ensure all of the growth energy is diverted into the tops of the plant, without worrying about airy lower buds and air flow problems around the lowest parts of the plant.

Taking the sterile razor blade again, I very gently remove the fan leaves, and soft wood shoots that will not grow into anything substantial, such as the well-formed mature branches. I leave the top 2 nodes on the plant with fan leaves. By this point it is day 35 and after giving this girl time to fully heal from the super cropping and pruning, she looks absolutely incredible and a really beautiful waxy, green with solid structure. I give her one final measure and she is 53cm in height and even wider in width at 64cm.

Flowering Phase – 12/12

Within the first week she shot up very fast and by the second week of 12/12, was throwing out pre-flowers and early signs she was going to be a heavily resinous cultivar. Thanks to the plant training applied during the vegetative stage, her height was 71cm after the stretching phase, and it does not look like she is slowing down either. Her growth structure is immediately becoming denser and her internodal space is short, however filled with shoots at every site.

By day 21, her height seemed to remain the same measuring at a total height of 93.5cm and her width is a staggering 129cm. A brilliant strain for training as she has reacted extremely well to the topping and pruning and for sure now will deliver a solid harvest of Cookie fueled high grade buds.

After 35 days of 12/12, there is an upper canopy now of approximately 2 feet of top buds, whilst the lower part is totally stripped clean, allowing air to flow freely. Her bud structure is starting to become thick, with buds stacked at each internode creating one long elongated cola, per branch. When giving the frosty, dense forming buds a light squeeze, the aroma off my fingers can be described as citrus, fuel, earthy sweet and a background of Cinnamon and fresh cookie dough. Certainly a complex profile that displays the best of both power house parents.

By day 42, her structure is beginning to look stack up and fill out, almost with a sativa dominant bud structure. She is filling up the room and filling up nicely also, with a prolific resin profile that seems to be reaching out covering the fan leaves and stems. As a hash maker myself, I am really excited to see what she will produce when it comes to fresh frozen bubble hash and rosin.

After 50 days of flowering, every single leaf around her buds is plastered with trichomes, forming resin rails around the leaves and oozing all over the buds. She is also starting to throw out some beautiful pinks, dark purples, magenta and even a subtle light red. Appearance wise she is absolutely stunning with her deep, waxy foliage, mix of colour and heavy frost with buds filling every branch head to toe. The flower formation is very dense with a point structure to the buds, giving them a stacked and tall appearance. So far, she is certainly yielding very well and as we get closer to the estimated 65-70 days flower time, I will flush the 30 litre of coco with only water and enzymes at day 54 allowing a good 2 week cleaning of the root zone and any undissolved salts that will have built up over time.

On day 65, I give her trichomes a thorough inspection to see how they are forming. Immediately I notice there is a 60% ratio that has turned a murky silver and the rest a translucent white. Personally I enjoy my flowers more when the trichomes have displayed an amber and golden hue, especially once they have been cured for several months.

5 Days later and after a second inspection, I decide this lady is more than ready for the chop. Her buds are rock hard and can be squeezed with real force, with a high amount of sugar trim that is covered in trichomes. Her colours are a mix of pink, green, purple, magenta with a dark purple fade to the fan leaves. The main stem is measured at 43mm wide and her roots have filled the air pot completely.

After 72 days, she is finally harvested and left to hang in a dry room for up to 14 days in darkness. Her buds are very heavy and oily, and the aroma from her buds is a mouth-watering blend of fuel, sweet earth, cinnamon with gas. A true terpene power house that is certainly worth the wait. Harvesting this strain was very easy, as each leaf was used for sugar trim and saved in the freezer. Her terp profile after being in the freezer was incredible and I cannot wait to see what 73-90 micron bubble hash she gives.

Flavour and effect

The dried buds are compact, and chunky with a tight calyx development and swollen buds. When breaking open a cured nug the aroma is heavenly and the flavour will keep you licking your lips all the way down to the roach. Her effects are powerful and not for the light hearted, thanks to her 28% THC, this girl will leave you glued to the nearest sofa. Strongly recommend for commercial growers who are looking for the absolute dank, and hash makers and extractors also.

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