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Many times, when growing cannabis or trying a new fertilizer brand, doubts can arise. You want to get the most out of your plants, but it’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed in the face of such a broad variety of products. How much of each product should you use? How do you combine them all? When should you start or stop using one of them?

As you all know, in Alchimia we like to make things easier for everyone, so today we are introducing the grow schedules from Plagron, one of the main nutrient brands we work with, and with which you can get excellent results both indoors and outdoors.

Plagron, over 25 years of experience

Created in the Netherlands in 1992 as a modest worm farmPlagron has become a benchmark in the cannabis sector, thanks to the quality of their products and the great results they offer, for both novices and real experts in the field.

Plagron’s range includes products for all types of cultivation, from different substrates to 100% organic fertilisers, also for coco and hydroponic systems. Let’s take a look at Plagron feeding charts for various substrates and fertilizers, which are divided into 4 categories according to their formulation: 100% Natural, 100% Terra, 100% Coco and 100% Hydro.

Plagron 100% Natural feeding chart

Feeding schedule for Plagron 100% Natural nutrients
Feeding schedule for Plagron 100% Natural

As you can see, there are a total of 5 products, 3 of which are used during the vegetative growth: Alga GrowPower Roots and Vita Race. During the flowering period, you’ll need to swap Alga Grow for Alga Bloom and add Green Sensation to the mix halfway through. Alga Bloom offers two different dosages depending on the substrate used, one for Promix and the other for more nutrient-rich mediums such as Plagron Allmix, Royalmix or Batmix.

The doses listed in this chart are for 10L of water, with a recommended pH of 5.5-7 and an approximate electrical conductivity (EC) of 0.4.

Plagron 100% Terra feeding chart

Feeding schedule for Plagron 100% Terra nutrients
Feeding schedule for Plagron 100% Terra

On this occasion, they are mineral nutrients specially formulated for soil. As you can see, it also includes different doses of Terra Bloom, depending on the substrate used. As in the previous case, there are 5 products (2 fertilizers and 3 additives) for the plant’s whole life cycle, growth, and flowering. In this case, you’ll need to replace Vita Race with Pure Enzym.

Once again, the indicated dosage is for 10L of water, with a recommended pH of 6 and water EC (before adding nutrients and additives) of 0.5.

Plagron 100% Coco feeding chart

Feeding schedule for Plagron 100% Coco
Feeding schedule for Plagron 100% Coco

On this occasion, the base fertilizers have been replaced for Cocos A+B, which are used together throughout the whole plant life cycle. The additives are the same as for the mineral cultivation in soil: Plagron Power Roots, Plagron Pure Enzym and Green Sensation.

Once again, the dosages are for 10L of water with an initial EC of 0.5 and a pH value of 5.5 (you can increase it up to 6 during flowering).

Plagron 100% Hydro feeding chart

Feeding schedule for Plagron 100% Hydro
Feeding schedule for Plagron 100% Hydro

Lastly, and for hydroponic systems, you can use the same additives we’ve seen for all mineral fertilisers, with Plagron Hydro A+B as a base nutrient during the entire cultivation (mixing both in the irrigation tank).

As usual, the dosages are for 10L of water, with an EC starting point of 0.5 and a pH between 5.5 (growth) and 6 (flowering).

Happy growing!

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