Cannabis: Sticky Mat Installation Guide – Placement Tips

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Through CleanPro® adhesive sticky mats were designed to be used for cleanroom environments, they can be used wherever in the Cannabis Facility there is a need to trap contaminants or simply keep an environment cleaner. They are excellent for construction sites, labs, hospitals, pharmacies, or any other area where you want to reduce the amount of dust transferred from people or carts entering.

Prepare the Area Where the Mat Will Be Placed

  1. Select a hard, flat, dry, smooth, and clean surface. Mats should be room temperature before installing, as cold temperatures will affect the adhesive properties.
  2. Clean the placement area, removing any residue and dirt from the placement area. We recommend using 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and a heavy-duty low-lint wipe or cloth to remove any previously existing adhesive or grime.

Test the Mat Placement

  1. Do not remove any film layers before testing the placement of the mat.
  2. Identify the top and bottom of the mat. The blue tab indicates the adhesive backing layer (face down). The top layer is blank with numbers in the corner (under the protective cover layer)(face up).
  3. Align the mat so the longest side is at a 90° angle to the door. This placement ensures three full steps for maximum dirt removal and prevents mat pull-ups.
  4. Make sure the mat does not interfere with any door openings or closings and ensure that the numbered pull tabs are easily accessible.

Installing the Mat

  1. Do not remove the top layer (yet). Starting with the blue tab, peel off the backing to expose 2-3″ of the adhesive.
  2. Adhere the edge with the exposed adhesive to the floor, taking care to avoid air bubbles.
  3. Once you’ve ensured the adhered edge is flat and straight, slowly press the rest of the mat to the floor, working from the front edge towards the back. Use your hand, or an empty cardboard tube to press and remove any air bubbles.
  4. One placed, ensure the mat is firmly affixed and smooth out any air bubbles.

Removing the Top Layer

  1. Starting from the numbered corner, remove the top protective layer. Peel slowly with consistent tension.
  2. When the top layer becomes soiled, remove it to expose the next layer as needed.
  3. For soiled layers, peel sides and corners toward the center of the mat to prevent debris or grit from contacting clean surfaces.

Improve Lifespan and Performance Characteristics

For added versatility, use a CleanPro Sticky Mat Frame. The anodized aluminum frame, polyethylene center, and sturdy graded edges provide an inert and non-contaminating transition for foot and cart traffic.


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