Cannabis: Butane and Solvent Extraction Room Lighting and Equipment (Explosion Proof)

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Larson Electronics offers a wide variety of marijuana extraction room equipment and explosion proof extraction room lighting to satisfy many different industry needs and applications. Extracting THC from marijuana is an important part of legal marijuana growing operations and Larson Electronics offers a selection of different explosion proof extraction room equipment to ensure safety and reliability including Class I Division 1 explosion proof lights, LED lights, dimmable lights, and emergency lighting.

To understand why explosion proof extraction room equipment is so vital to THC and cannabinoid extraction process, it is important to understand how cannabinoids, such as cannabis oil and cannabis wax, are actually extracted from marijuana plants by growers. The science of cannabinoid extraction is based upon the solubility of the different chemicals found in marijuana plants. Cannabinoids are not water soluble. That means that chemical solvents must be used in the extraction process. The chemical solvents utilized in the industry include butane, hexane, isopropyl alcohol and ethanol. Hexane is a notably volatile solvent used in the cannabinoid extraction process, but most of the commonly used solvents are flammable and have the potential for combustion under the right conditions. That means that the use of those solvents can create hazardous environments within the extraction room which greatly increases the need for C1D1 lights, C1D1 clean room equipment and other vital equipment with an explosion proof rating.

When the flowers of the cannabis plant are submerged in the solvents, the cannabinoids and other active ingredients within the plant are dissolved. Any remaining solid plant material is then filtered out of the solvent. Once that is accomplished, the mixture is then purged of the solvent that was used leaving behind only the extracted cannabinoids. Completely removing the hazardous solvents from the mixture is a very delicate procedure and one that operators must take very seriously considering the potential harmful effects that any remaining solvents could pose to patients.

As a result, scientific precision is absolutely necessary. However, where there are hazardous chemicals being used, a combustible and flammable environment potentially exists. That is why explosion proof lighting and other explosion proof equipment is vitally necessary in the cannabinoid extraction process.

Other extraction room and C1D1 clean room equipment available includes explosion proof outlets, switches, exit signs, and ventilation fans. Having a completely C1D1 compliant extraction room greatly increases the safety of said room and ensures that no accidents or product losses occur from the use of improper equipment within a potentially hazardous environment. It is also important for operators and growers to note that some states where marijuana has been legalized require certain state and local codes to be met. These codes vary by location but typically include regulations on the type of equipment that can be used in extraction rooms and the storage of solvents and other hazardous materials. Many regulations also require extraction rooms to meet a Class I Division 1 explosion proof rating. Extraction room equipment from Larson Electronics will help operators and growers to meet the specific requirements of their location.

Some of the specific extraction room equipment and lighting offered by Larson Electronics include the EPL-48-2L-LED Explosion Proof LED Light FixtureEPO-20A Explosion Proof Power OutletEPL-SW1 Explosion Proof Tumbler Switch, and the EXP-EXT-3W Explosion Proof Emergency LED Exit Sign among others. Ensure that your extraction room is protected from possible fires, explosions and other dangerous scenarios by using the durable and reliable extraction room equipment offered by Larson Electronics.

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