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Food Safety Considerations and State Examples

This section will focus on food safety policies and laws that have been implemented across different states. Due to the lack of any federal laws governing the cultivation, manufacturing, or sale of cannabis products, there is a great deal of variation in state laws that regulate CIPs. Therefore, this section is broken down into a list of topic areas that pertain to food safety. Under each topic area is a list of things
to be considered when implementing regulations. These considerations are derived from specialists in
food safety and from thorough analysis of legislation that has already been implemented by states that
have legalized cannabis. Finally, under considerations, examples of comprehensive and strong state laws have been provided. No state has passed a perfect law that takes every food safety issue into
consideration. It is our belief, however, that some state laws can serve as examplesfor other states.

Please note that these laws are constantly changing. For this reason, these policies are current as of March 2018 and will be updated on an annual basis.

Food Safety Topic Areas

1. Storage and Sanitation
2. Collection and Testing
3. Microbial Testing in Food
4. Pesticides
5. Terpenes
6. Laboratory Accreditation and Testing Standards
7. Tracking, Transport, and Distribution
8. Serving Size and Homogeneity
9. Labeling and Packaging
10. Education and Training
11. Food Safety Plans
12. Waste Disposal
13. Regulatory Considerations
Additional Topic Areas:
14. Hemp

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