Cannabis: Examples of Universal Symbols

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Labeling and Packaging

Labeling and packaging are key facets of any food product in terms of compliance, safety, and
quality management. Labeling refers to ensuring that important food safety information is properly
labeled and available to consumers. Packaging refers to ensuring that packages are properly secured.
Considerations for Regulation

● Disclosure of product, name of strain, universal symbol for THC, serving size, amount of THC per
serving/per package
● Ingredient list, pesticide use, allergen list, nutrition facts
● Restricting the use of the word “organic” or suggesting any “cures or natural remedies”
● Statement product was tested, name of laboratory in which it was tested, when it was tested
● Date of cultivation, manufacture date, date of expiration
● Warning labels: intoxicating/delayed effects, keep away from children/animals, do not consume
if pregnant, health risks
● If medical, patient name
● Net weight, concentration
● Instructions for use, dosing information (i.e., serving size)
● Specifications for font size
● Child/tamper proof, water resistant
● Resealable packaging if contains more than one serving
● Individually demarcate servings (See Section 5: Serving Size and Homogeneity)
● Individually label servings with universal symbol (See Section 5: Serving Size and Homogeneity)


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