Effectively Dry and Cure Cannabis in Hours Compared to Days

TRADELABOR has more than 20 years of experience in the control and treatment of air, working with an experienced and qualified technical staff and with the most advanced technology in this area, which together guarantee the quality of the services provided.



POTCAT is a complete line of cannabis drying systems based on CDT’s proven catalytic infrared heating technology.  Catalytic Infrared differs from other heating systems by converting natural gas to CO2, water vapor, and infrared energy.  Infrared energy is an invisible form of energy that has been tuned by CDT to maximize absorption by the water in the plant. Water evaporation is expedited without impacting the plant texture and other chemical compounds. Infrared energy also eradicates insects, molds, and bacteria. The safe, patented technology leads to shorter time to market and reduction in resources needed.

What Are the Benefits of Drying & Curing with POTCAT?

  • POTCAT is an easy to use drying and curing system that operates on natural gas or LPG
  • Configurations include drying wet trimmed buds or entire stalk for dry trimming applications
  • The patented catalytic infrared energy kills harmful insects, molds and bacteria
  • Stainless steel construction has no moving parts and no ongoing maintenance is required
  • Temperature and heat settings are adjustable for precise control
  • POTCAT can dry on low heat or be used to decarboxylate on high heat
  • POTCAT is rated by multiple rating agencies including CSA and FM for safe operation in multiple locations
  • On average, POTCAT can process between 2 to 3 pounds of wet trimmed buds per square feet of drying area
Bud processed using POTCAT3. Results will vary based on plant strain, location and climate conditions.

Bud processed using POTCAT3. Results will vary based on plant strain, location and climate conditions.

POTCAT Portable Models

POTCAT1  has 2 square feet of drying area

POTCAT1 has 2 square feet of drying area

POTCAT2  desktop has 1 square foot of drying area

POTCAT2 desktop has 1 square foot of drying area

POTCAT3  has 4 square feet of drying area

POTCAT3 has 4 square feet of drying area

Commercial Applications & Engineering


For commercial applications, our team of catalytic infrared heating experts and engineers can design and build POTCAT configured with options such as conveyor belts, blowers, humidifiers, and automation controllers.

Would you like to run a test pilot on your site?  We work closely with you to customize a solution. We will design, engineer, build, ship and service the POTCAT that’s right for your production needs.


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