The Authoritative List of Cannabis Seed Sellers

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Looking to get started as a cannabis cultivator? In the early days of what could become a US$130 billion industry, even a small-time cannabis grower can make big moves with the right seeds. But what are the right seeds? And who are the big, reputable cannabis seed sellers?

Before purchasing seeds it is important to know the different types of seeds that are available. The most common cannabis seed categories are feminized, autoflower, and medical.

Feminized: Just like animals, plants are either male or female, and only the female cannabis plant produces flowers which contain cannabinoids. Feminized seeds are seeds that have been cultivated to produce only, or nearly only, female plants.
Autoflower: Autoflowered seeds have been genetically modified to produce flowers based on their age, rather than exposure to sunlight. This made autoflowered cannabis plants easier to cultivate, as they require shorter periods of sunlight.
Medical: Medical cannabis seeds are the new frontier in cannabis cultivation and produce large numbers of CBD rather than THC, which is the psychotropic compound desired in cannabis used for recreational purposes.

In addition to cannabis seed sellers, many cannabis cultivators who have the license to sell seeds, and produce their own strains, choose not to because they have enough on their hands meeting the rapacious demand of the market. One such company, Itoco, has its own proprietary seeds but has decided to focus all of its current attention on cultivating cannabis, extracting it into CBD oil and selling the oil to distributors and manufacturers.

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The legality of purchasing seeds depends on where the customer is located but seeds are generally treated just like any other cannabis product- plants, oil, and other derivatives. European-based seed banks tend to be more reputable, if only due to their having been legal for longer. Don’t let the ‘underground’ nature of some US-based seed banks dissuade you- many of them have decades of experience despite only recently becoming legitimate.

Sensi Seed Bank

If reliability and integrity are your biggest concerns in finding a seed provider, there is none better than Amsterdam-based Sensi Seeds. Founded in 1985, Sensi is now the world’s largest cannabis seed bank with over 500 varieties. Sensi Seeds is so respected in Holland that it was selected by the Dutch government to provide all cannabis seeds for the federal medical cannabis pharmaceutical industry.

Sensi Seeds are advocates for responsible cannabis use, as well as increasing awareness and dispelling harmful stereotypes. The company have several stores in Amsterdam where they sell many products, including their own line of CBD products.

DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics is another company with a long history in the cannabis seed business. Founded in Amsterdam but with roots in LA, DNA has multiple cannabis cup-winning strain seeds for sale. Their seeds are the result of decades of research into high-THC and CBD varieties which has given DNA Genetics a deep genetic library for research and experimentation.

DNA has partnered with Canopy Growth Corp through 2024. DNA provided seeds to Canopy for their Canadian line starting in 2015 and expanded that partnership into Jamaica in 2017. Their new agreement is for expansion into a currently undisclosed European market, where sale for recreation and medical purposes varies by country.

MTG Seeds

California’s MTG Seeds is a medical cannabis genetic company that uses strict organic and environmentally-friendly growing conditions to create a variety of strains. MTG focuses on creating cannabis strains for specific medical ailments and has won acclaim for CBD strains that target migraines, inflammation, arthritis, and others. Their website lists multiple cannabis cup wins for high-CBD cannabis strains going back to 2013.


Grower’s Choice Seeds

Grower’s Choice has over 20 years of experience providing high-quality cannabis seeds to their customers. They provide what they call the “highest germination guarantee in the industry” and guarantee a 90% germination rate and will replace the seeds that don’t germinate. Grower’s Choice is also based out of California and is no doubt benefiting for that state’s gradually relaxing cannabis laws.


DinaFem Seeds

DinaFem Seeds promises a “worldwide benchmark” in high-quality strains with a recent focus on CBD medical cannabis seeds. Their interest in high-CBD seeds is quite recent and the result of market demand that pushed DinaFem into researching CBD strains over their traditional interest in high-THC genetics. While many of the top cannabis seed sellers focus on either high-THC or high-CBD strains, DinaFem seeks to strike a balance between the two, allowing for strains with valuable medical properties while maintaining a psychoactive element.

Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen is based out of the Netherlands but has locations in Barcelona as well, as Spain is a growing market in the CBD industry. Their seed sales tend to be aimed towards individual, private cultivators rather than large-scale enterprise growers- their website emphasizes the economic savings for patients who grow their own medical cannabis.


As with Royal Queen, Kannabia has a foot in the burgeoning Spanish cannabis market. Their most successful strain, Baby Boom Auto CBD, maintains a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, allowing for relief of symptoms along with some amount of THC intake. Other Kannabia strains have more or less CBD and THC, allowing for their customers to select how much psychoactivity they desire with their treatment. Kannabia’s website emphasizes their interest in creating strains that specifically target Crohn’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Potential cannabis cultivators would do well to explore their options in selecting a cannabis seed seller. There are a lot of options worldwide and all are subject to different, and ever-changing, laws. Stay up to date on the state of the global cannabis market by signing up for our newsletter, which gives you access to our Cannabis Industry Report.

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