Infinity Supercritical Announces One Step Processing Hemp CBD Full Spectrum Oil

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Infinity Supercritical LLC, a leading manufacturer of botanical extraction equipment, announces the industries first extraction and winterization process using ethanol, in a standard 5 gallon bucket.

The new method involves a magnetic mixing system and high-tech CO2 cooling down to -60 F, which is being introduced into the industry for the extraction of CBD oil from industrial hemp. The CBD oil extract, called a concentrate, is a full spectrum oil and can be used in vape pens, edibles, lotions, and supplements for the medical and health industry. Full spectrum oil is well known for its relief of every-day aches and pains.

The system is very efficient and only takes an hour to complete batch process in a hands-free operation. The -60 F ethanol solution is the holy-grail of ethanol botanical extraction, since it does not pull out plant chlorophyll (green pigment) or a majority of the waxes. The process targets the full spectrum oil.

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With an in-situ extraction and winterization system, the entire process is reduced from several time-consuming steps, into one hands-free process. Using a standard 5 gallon bucket, different botanicals or varieties can be processed on-the-fly. Legacy batch systems can only process one botanical or variety at a time, and take days to process from extraction to winterization.

The equipment is cart mounted on casters, which can fit through any door, hallway, or elevator. This streamlined method reduces labor and processing time so that legacy multi-step batch systems are now obsolete. The smaller footprint results in lower initial acquisition, maintenance, and operational costs. Most processors have their workers do winterization in a freezer, which is a rough working environment. This process allows the workers to perform the process at room temperature, reducing operator fatigue.

Infinity Supercritical LLC develops and markets innovative botanical oil extraction systems. Emphasis is placed on developing new technology to reduce extraction time, and producing a superior oil product, maximizing extracted antioxidants, terpenes, and nutrients. Industries served include cannabis, hemp, and hops.

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