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Pallet optimisation is a key part of logistics management, and is the art of planning and building a pallet so that it makes best use of the available pallet footprint, and best use of the available truck or container space in which it is to be transported.

The first step to ensuring best use of your pallet space is to ensure you’re using a consistent size. Many companies reuse pallets in an uncoordinated way, so that it makes optimising them impossible. Standard pallets come in the following sizes: 1200 x 1000mm, 1200 x 800mm and 800 x 600mm.

Which one you choose to use will naturally depend on the size of your product and the cartons in which you’re packing it. If you’re dispatching multiple products of different size, try to achieve as much consistency in your cartons as you can; where there is variance, keep it to a minimum, and if space allows, pack in a separate area.

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