Cannabis trimming equipment – Centurion Mini Pro Trimmer ( price bellow $6 000)

TRADELABOR has more than 20 years of experience in the control and treatment of air, working with an experienced and qualified technical staff and with the most advanced technology in this area, which together guarantee the quality of the services provided.



The CenturionPro Mini replaces 15 human trimmers without sacrificing quality.

It has a processing capacity of 12 – 16 lbs dry per hour (60 – 80 lbs wet). It might be called “Mini”, but it is a true a powerhouse that is perfect for small to medium size operations that are looking to streamline their process.

The Mini runs completely off of 120 volt power and includes a 1.5 hp leaf collector system with 2000 CFM of suction power. This makes for tighter cuts.

The Toro hardened steel cutting reel has 11 high-quality blades, twice as many as the competition. The Centurion triple-bag system for keif and trim allows you to collect both and process them for even greater profits, so you can get the absolute most out of your product.

Like all CenturionPro trimming machines, the Mini can handle both wet and dry product. It ships with two electropolished stainless steel tumblers, one designed specifically for wet trimming and one for dry. It is just a matter of swapping them out. See more details below.


CenturionPro Mini Trimming Machine Features

  • Anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction: body and all main components
  • Toro Cutting Reel: hardened steel with 11 high quality blades
  • 16-gauge, 304 stainless steel used in tumbler construction
  • 40% Greater Trichome Preservation with optional (select above) non-stick Quantanium tumbler
  • 1.5 hp Leaf Collector: produces 2000 CFM suction for a closer cut
  • Extra-Large Hopper: makes feeding the machine easy
  • Control Airflow and Suction depending on your needs with the unique diverter
  • Collect Trim and Kief: triple-bag system is cleaner and collects 100% usable trim and kief which can be processed for further profits.
  • 10 year warranty

Benefits of the Mini Pro Bud Trimmer

  • Save Big In Labor Costs: replaces up to 15 human workers
  • Makes 25,000 cuts per minute
  • Wet And Dry Tumblers: each tumbler is specifically designed for the task, meaning higher quality results
  • Save Tons Of Time with powerful processing capacity:
  • Processes 12 – 16 lbs per hour, dry
  • Processes 60 – 80 lbs per hour, wet
  • Easy to clean in 10 minutes
  • Easy to maintain due to high-quality components and few moving parts


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Two Tumblers For Two Distinct Jobs

Wet trimming and dry trimming are very different. So why would you use the same “universal” tumbler for both, like many competing machines?

You wouldn’t, if you value quality.

That’s why the Mini Pro comes with two electropolished 304 stainless steel tumblers: one designed specifically for wet trimming and one for dry.


Wet Trimming

The wet tumbler has narrow slats (1/8″), which means more open area. This gives the blades 50% more access compared to standard tumblers with wider slats.

This results in more flower coming into contact with the blades for a tighter and faster cut. One pass is enough, so you cut your trimming time in half over having to run the material through twice.

Less time in the trimmer also means less agitation, so you get a higher quality output. Finally, the thin slats leave less surface area for resin to stick to, reducing resin loss and clean up time.


Dry Trimming

When flowers dry they shrink to about a quarter of their original size and they become more fragile. That is why the dedicated dry tumbler has wider slats (1/4″).

The wide slats mean less open area and less exposure to the blades. With narrower slats, the smaller and more delicate dry flowers would be overexposed to the blades.

Less exposure means less trichome loss and a higher yield, since more flowers stay intact during the process.


Non-Stick Quantanium Tumblers (Optional)

These tumblers are coated in Centurion’s revolutionary non-stick Quantanium, which achieves 40% more trichome preservation. And they do so without requiring any sprays that could damage the unique flavors and aromas of your strain.

To get the Quantanium tumblers instead of the electropolished steel ones, select that option above, directly beneath the price.

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